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Damiel S.
Great product for the price!

So after my previous earbuds got jacked (by my daughter nonetheless) I decided to search for another one and purchased this. Was a little skeptical once I received them due to packaging, but wasn’t disappointed at all! I figured they kept the cost low by cutting cost on the packaging but not the product itself.

Pairing is easy, take it out from the box and it’ll automatically turn on pairing mode. Led on the carrying case showing battery percentage is definitely a plus!

Sounds quality is great, definitely going to use for listening to music and hitting the gym. Best part? Triple tap to increase volume means I don’t have to pull my phone out if I want to increase my music volume. Built in Siri makes it convenient as well.

Lester H.
Amazing value for top quality sound and tech

First, these ear buds have fantastic sound. I have tested with multiple genres and all have clear powerful sound.
Second, the charging case is both convenient and stylish. I love seeing how much power is left in the case and how much is in each ear bud.
Finally, the value for the price is off the charts. These are as good

Adrian D.
Great product with prompt shipment

I bought this for my grandson for Christmas. Promised delivery by Christmas eve but got it a day earlier. What a great surprise!

Anthony P.
Love these earbuds

I love these ear buds. I also bought a pair for my friend and she uses hers everyday and loves them.

Gregory D.
Amazing earpods

Great product. It has got great sound quality. It looks just like the apple airpods. Comfortable fit, it comes with few more earbuds to fit in the different ear sizes. Value for money product.

Richard P.
100% worth the price.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised after testing these headphones!
Here's my honest review:
These earbuds have a TON of battery life, which honestly is a problem with most wireless earbuds. Not only this, but along with battery life, these earbuds are so easy to control. It might be a little on the sensitive side, but that's because all you have to do is touch the sides of the earbuds instead of the hassle of others that use buttons. It's definitely worth getting used to.
I must say the sound quality isn't the best on the market, but for this price?! It's worth it. At Max it definitely can get really loud, but my favorite is the bass that comes with the sound.
Overall these earbuds are a five star product and I can't wait to see what else this company releases!

Jackson J.
Good sound quality, long duration

Wearing just right, no pressure on the ear feeling, not easy to fall off, easy to dial the phone. You can also listen to some music during the break. The earphone sound quality is very good, very clear. Long Battery Life, Strong Bluetooth Signal, connection to the mobile phone quickly and easily. For those who like sports, I still like this product very much.

Chad S.
Excellent low cost TWS option

For the price, these are excellent ear buds. They synced right out the box and the sound quality is excellent. I like that you can use it in single or paired mode. The touch controls work really well as well. Highly recommend.

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U-cord Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds | Stereo Sport in-Ear Headphones | 2000MAh Power Bank Headset