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Karla G.
Nice sound quality.

My son really likes these and said they sound better than his more expensive headset. They work great for all of us and you can't beat the price for the quality

Randall S.
Good crisp sound, better than the expensive ones

I have ordered and returned expensive earbuds than did not have as good as sound quality of these. Good, crisp sound. Talk to a good friend all the time, she hears much better, she asked for some, so I purchased another set.

Francis R.
These earphones fit in my ears perfectly and sound fine

I had been using the earphones that came with my Samsung S8, but they kept falling out of my ears while I was excercising. I switched to the smaller silicone earpieces and the earphones stayed in all the time. I am too old to hear anything above 15 KHz, so I cannot tell if they are good at higher frequencies, but I can say that the exhibited no distortion.

Jerson C.
Buying again!

Bought these last year, recently lost them on a plane and buying again. These have excellent sound quality for the price, and are comfortable enough to wear sleeping or on long flights. They block out much environmental noise. I will say that they are not the best for running or exercise, as the noise from the cords moving around is annoying. But for travel or computer work where you want good sound quality and some noise isolation, these are fantastic.

Bill C.
Better than I expected

I found these to be of much higher quality than the price would indicate. Bass response is almost too good when you have the earphones pushed all the way in, but you can reduce by just not pushing all the way in.

Simon H.
Five Stars

Best earbuds I have ever owned. Super convenient.

Heidi S.
Worth buying for my teen son who breaks his constantly

Got these for my 13 year old who plays fortnite like it's his religion or something lol he break headphones constantly so I just buy these and they last a while and it's much cheaper this way. The chord is very thin and I didnt have alot of hope in these but they have impressed me honestly. They lasted wayyyy longer than expected. Gonna keep buying them for him

John B.
I love these earphones!

I love these earphones. They're very cute and comfortable. I use them for running and doing housework When you change the volume or even turning it on the voice is soft which I had a problem with others. It does have static noise in the background but it's not loud and it's not very noticeable after a while.

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BoomTech Wired in-Ear Headset | Bass Earbuds | HiFi Earphones for Stereo Gaming, Mobile