Hales Portable Mini Refillable Perfume Spray Bottle│5ml

Color: Black


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Karyll C.
Great for Traveling

These are great for traveling or just to keep in your purse. They saved me so much space in my luggage and now that I've returned from my travels, I keep one in my car, one in my desk at work, and one in my purse. They were easy to fill and never did they spill while I was traveling. Great find and I highly recommend it!

Kelsey B.

Love these! They're different colors so I can remember what's in each atomizer. I broke one of the sprayers on perfume and this way I can still use the rest of the bottle. Great for throwing in my purse or travel bag.

Susan T.
It is really cute, as well as useful

Now you don’t have to carry the whole perfume bottle when you are not going to use the whole thing. Just put the right amount of perfume in these travel-sized perfume bottles and you are ready to go. I really like it, it saves some space. Doesn’t drip and create a mess. Happy with my purchase and is worth the money I paid for it.

Caroline D.
If you love and collect perfume, you need this!

Exactly what they said it was and it works so easily. If you love perfume, you need this! Now I can take my favorite fragrances every moment with me without having to take the whole bottle and stress about it breaking in my bag.

Matilda G.

Obsessed with these and have gotten all my friends hooked. they’re so easy to refill and great to keep on hand in your purse, car, desk, anywhere!

My favorite thing about this is I refill with the perfume I love and I don’t have to worry about purchasing a perfume roller or travel size.

Hani V.
Love it

These are amazing! I have had to do a lot more traveling and these are amazing to have, smells goods and in small travel size!! My husband took one.

Charity B.
OMG! Where you been all my life?

This thing is AMAZING. I have one in three different purses - it’s so easy to refill and love the design! A must buy if you like having your scent handy at all times.

Happy C.
Great buy

Great little atomizers to put in your bag. Instead of carrying around your big spray perfume, you can fill these little cute containers and still have your scent with you without the bulk of your perfume bottle.

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Hales Portable Mini Refillable Perfume Spray Bottle│5ml