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Marian D.
Worth it

Very easy to use. I've only used it for a few days and I can tell a difference in my teeth, I hope to make even more improvements using this product. I recommend this product if you are someone that struggles with teeth whitening and want something quick/easy to use that's affective.

Gabby B.
Great device

I’m a coffee and tea drinker who trying to get rid of yellow on my teeth. I thought I would give this device a try I use the whitening strips and then this and I’m so happy with the results!! My teeth our alot whiter

George R.

Love the cordless! Nice price! Easy battery replacement when needed. Nice that I can use my whitener of choice. I'll order another one of these, if I breaks. I had the expensive blue light with the cord....the cord broke....too much money to do that again! This is a comfortable COOL little gadget!

Cory D.
Great for the price

Great product, especially for the price! My one complaint is that it doesn’t always stay put since it just rests right inside your lip, so I wish it was more the shape of mouth guard so I could clamp down on it to keep it in place. I’ll usually be watching TV or doing work while using it, so it’s not a huge deal. But that would honestly help a lot! I love that it turns off every 10 mins, it helps me keep track of my whitening and never going overboard/causing sensitivity :)

Jolie L.
It was easy to use.

This was easy to use. Difficult to measure the whitening factor. The light is very intense. I suggest taking pictures of teeth before and then after overtime so that it can be properly measured. It is very effective in producing an intense light tho. Overall I used for 1 week and I did see an improvement.

Barbara J.
Fast results!

I LOVE IT!!!! Noticeable difference after first few uses... will definitely be ordering again. I hate I didn’t know about this earlier. I was using the White Strips at first alone... but using the light really boosted the effects. Thanks for a good product!

Erick S.
Very easy to use

I’m loving this product! It helps my teeth look a little bit whiter every time I use it! Very easy to use!

Melissa R.
It's comfortable to wear

This led light product REALLY works. I use it for thirty minutes w my whitening product of choice. The auroglow led light made a huge whitening difference than just using whitening gels alone. It's comfortable to wear. Easy clean off w a quick rinse. I recommend everyone try it if you want whiter teeth fast, wout a pricy professional dentist appointment.

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