Yodie Crab Bath Toy Bubble Maker Machine w/ 12 Soft Melodies



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Mae P.

My one and four year olds love this! They ask for bath time now which is funny because their requests are early in the day, even before dinner. I use an inexpensive kids’ tear free, sensitive skin bubble bath in it. There is a YouTube video ( Alex and Gaby bath song) that lets you see exactly how this works. I purchased the red crab. The video has the green frog which is what I wanted but it has a much longer delivery time to receive the frog. It requires two AA batteries so it cannot submerge in water.

Christopher W.

My son is 4 and over the last 4 years I have bought so many bath toys . I swear to you , this is the best toy I have ever bought. I was worried he would be too old for it but he LOVES it !! It also made bath time SO much easier . Instead of him crying about washing his hair , he lets me wash while he plays with bubbles and sings to the songs . 10 out of 10 for sure !

Little tip : don’t waste your bubbles. Instead put a cap size of bubbles into the container, turn it on and then add water into the container as it’s running !

Ernest J.
Great little bath buddy!

This thing works great, and attaches pretty well in the tub area. For some reason our daughter is afraid of it at the moment lol, so be weary-- maybe it just needs time to grow on them. Bubbles come out nicely, and the music is cool too. I wish there were more options instead of just this crab one, but it'll do. You can dilute the bubble bath solution with water and it will still make bubbles.

Karla G.
Bathtime Fun

It says not to immerse in water, but it falls into the tub. Suction needs to be stronger. Besides that granddaughter loves it. She especially likes the nursery tunes that she can sing along with. Bubbles are outstanding.

Arnold W.
Great product

My kids love this product. Make a ton of bubbles and love that there is an option to turn the music off and on. The only problem is that my kids want to take baths several times a day just so they can play with it, lol. My sister just saw this at my house and instantly bought it for her two little ones!

Randall S.
Fun for a while

my toddler loved this little crab while it lasted. It produces fun bubbles, it plays fun music, it creates excitement when the suction fails and it falls into the tub... Honestly that was the one drawback, the suction was terrible. The little crab would frequently fall during bath-time and leaving it up between baths was very obviously not an option.

Rose H.
Must have!!

I’m sharing with all my friends how awesome this bath bubble maker is!! All you need is your own bath soap and water. It did take us forever to screw on the battery clip but finally decided it will not seal and it still works. My 2yo loves kissing this bath toy!

Nicolas R.
Awesome toy!

My 2 1/2 year old loves this toy! He literally went from hating baths to begging for them so he can play with the bubbles! Highly recommended!

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Yodie Crab Bath Toy Bubble Maker Machine w/ 12 Soft Melodies