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Jane S.
Great for kiddos who are over taking a Bath

We are at the stage where our son, 4 almost 5 yrs old, does not want to sit in a tub any longer to take a bath. He wants to be a big girl, but didn't like the "big" shower. We purchased the Dripdrops shower head and now she LOVES taking a "Sunflower Shower" he even washes her hair, which has always been a struggle. This product was super easy to install and to switch back and forth between the main shower head and the Dripdrops shower head.

Melody E.
Kids love it

We are very happy with this little device for our tub/shower combo. The kids use it daily. We ended up not using the top suction cups to allow the wand to point more downward rather than out.

Gregory D.
No more shower time fights

My daughter loves this. I wish I'd bought it a long time ago there was no fight getting to shower. I just wished that the holder angled down cause it just sprays straight out while in the holder

Richard P.
Easy installation!

My granddaughter absolutely loves this. Super easy to install and stays up on the wall.

Jackson J.
Would give 5 but not an easy installation.

Works great, arrived on time. Would give 5 stars it just took longer than necessary to install.

Chad S.
Great product

Great product! Easy install! Easy use!

Lindsay W.

We just received this yesterday and I installed it and my son LOVES IT!! He loves to be able to remove it from the wall and hold it in his hand. I would recommend this product!

Pamela M.
Wish we found this sooner

This is the cutest shower head! Until now we’ve been using buckets/cups of water to rinse the shampoo off our 2 and 4 year old after bath time. Finally we decided to find a portable shower sprayer! This is so great and the kids love Sunflower too! It’s so much better for them to not get the water all over their face!

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