Bjird Penguin and Duck Egg Squirt Bath Toys



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Jacky M.
Order these! You won't regret it!

These eggs bath toys were perfect for my two year old! They will float on the water . When you press them into the water and then lift them up, they will show water from the bottom like a shower, and they will spray water on the head, Very attractive to kids

Kevin R.
Order these now!

My little babies love, love, love these tub toys! They are the highest quality I have ever seen, sturdy and strong with no worry of mold or mildew happening.

jacob t.
I love that these are easy to clean and will not ...

I love that these are easy to clean and will not result in more landfill, as so many other bath toys have upon becoming moldy. They're very cute and fun. The only drawback is that they tend to break apart when filling and squirting them (basically any time you have to squeeze them). You can work around it as an adult, but it's harder for little hands to keep the halves together while playing. Definitely better suited for the toddler crowd than for infants.

Cynthia W.
So easy to clean

This is genius. I cannot tell you how many bath toys I have thrown out because of the fact I couldn't get all the water out. But these are easy to pull apart and dry.
Thank you for finally figuring out a way to keep squirting toys in the bath

Lucy J.
Fun bathtub toys

Fun bathtub toys. These toys are egg shaped and as they float and fill with water and hatch then they begin to squirt water. Very fun for the kids to be entertained in the tub. Good value for this two pack set. They come boxed and would be a good gift for a child. They can also be used in the pool. Very happy with this purchase.

Gian C.S.
These are a great solution to a gross problem

These are a great solution to a gross problem. We had other bath time squirters but they got full of the dreaded black flakes within a few weeks. These however have been in use for about a month now and no flakes because they dry completely between bath time. I wish these had existed for my first born, but I'm happy to have them now! Baby loves them, and I love them. So cute and the baby loves taking them apart and putting them back together, but he loves shooting the water out most of all.

Penelope C.
Easy to clean and dry, fun for babies.

These are truly mold free. Fill them with water, snap them together, squeeze with downward pressure to squirt water. They are cute and my baby loves them. She also loves that she can take them apart and put them back together herself. I pull them in half, pour out any water, and leave them in halves to dry. It's so easy.

Olivia C.
Amazing idea! Need more creatures!

Even my picky husband said these were great! We are constantly throwing out moldy squirt toys only for the toddler to find in the garbage (under everything) with his suddenly keen eyes! 8 month old loves squirting with them and kicking them around. Worth it. Would love more creatures/characters.Olivia Clair

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