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Durrel F.
Nice bath toy

2.5 year old daughter seems to really enjoy the toy

Gabby B.
Spines the Wheel

Nice toy during the bath for kids. just pour water in the hat of the dolphin and water comes out from the mouth and spins the water wheel. This keeps kids busy while playing with it.

Princess Q.
A Gift For My2 Year Old Neighbor

My little neighbor loved this! It made his bath time so much more enjoyable. Even his older siblings wanted to get in on the action.

Cory D.
Kids will love taking a bath with this toy.

A really beautiful toy. My little one loves playing with it while taking a bath. The mouth of the dolphin fills with water and then the mouth releases the water and turns the wheel. I was pleasantly surprised when I found that the toy is bigger than it looks in the picture. The colors are eye catching, especially for a child and the toy is well constructed and of high quality. There is a suction cup on the back of the toy so it can hang on the bathtub wall. A really great value.

Jolie L.
Very colorful and engaging.

It’s a very cute product. It’s very bright and colorful. It has a suction thingy so I could place it on the wall. It rotates very nicely and engages the baby. My baby just loves it. The quality of the product is also good ( I dropped it so many times already and it didn't break 😜) . Overall a very good product.

Diane W.
Cute and Fun

It's bigger than I thought it would be and sticks well to the tub. I had pictured the water pouring out continuously and the wheel spinning faster but the mouth fills with water, pours out enough to make the wheel spin forward once and then the mouth closes; it repeats this process every 4 seconds. This is a bit long for a 2 year old to wait but my daughter was happy to spin the wheel herself and pour/play with the water on the top and the pouring cup is cute.

Marian D.
Fast Shipping

Items are a gift for Christmas. Came quickly and intact.

George R.
Unique and fun

I got this as a gift for my friend's daughter who turned 1. My daughter has a similar toy for the bath and it is thoroughly enjoyed, so I figured it would be a good gift. She doesn't have all the coordination or freedom to play in the bathtub quite yet, but my friend sent me pictures of her trying to play with it. It's also a unique gift. I put several toys in my cart and then removed them before choosing the bath toys and every toy I originally had in my cart ended up being a toy someone else gifted her. I am happy I took the bath toy route instead.

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