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Jamaica G.
Old school fun for everyone

My daughters love bath time - especially with toys. I spotted these adorable little swimming turtles when I was browsing bath toys and had to get them. They arrived in two days thanks to Prime and they were a big hit just on their cuteness alone. All you need to do to get them going is give them a quick wind up and let them go in the water and they're good to go - paddling away. Now my girls won't take a bath without them and even named all four! It's nice to see in a day of robot pets and iPads that simple bath toys can bring so much joy. Highly recommended👍

Simon H.
Favorite bath time toy

I bought these b/c my 16 month old son has a similar swimming penguin that he loves so I thought I'd try the turtles. These ended up being great! He doesn't even play with the penguin anymore. I like the way they wind up on the bottom - very easy! The wind up lasts for almost 2 minutes when they are in the water swimming around. They actually look like real turtles when they are all going at once in the bathtub.

Heidi S.
Super cute

Super cute turtles. They work really well and I think they will be durable. However I was disappointed when I received them. They were together in a shipping bag. Nothing separating the turtles. No plastic wrap or anything like a new purchase would have. There were scuffs on each of the turtles shells from rubbing on each other during shipping. Otherwise I know my nephew is going to like them. This company should step up their shipping game.

John B.
they're definitely good quality. No batteries needed

I bought these to use as kitty toys, and while I can't say they're a HUGE hit with my feline compatriots, they're definitely good quality. No batteries needed; just wind up and let go. They perform beautifully in water, and while I haven't tested them on a hard floor, I'd imagine they'd work better on that than on carpet (they need a lil prodding on carpet to move along). The kitties enjoyed batting them around in a shallow tub of water, but I didn't enjoy the mess, so they're stashed for now. But on the whole, a cute and fun good quality toy. Save the extras as spares or give 'em away for party favors...sure to entertain!

Vincent B.
Cute little toys

These are larger than I anticipated and thicker plastic than I was expecting. I like that they are a simple toy that doesn't need batteries. I am pleased with these toys. I attached a photo of the packaging. If you planned to send them directly to a gift recipient, it's not very "gifty" but otherwise fine.

Mariano B.
Great price for so many. Great buy

These are so fun to wind up and watch move around in the water. My twins are 10 months old and they look at them in amazement before trying to grab them to play with. I think the older they get the more they will appreciate the fun of these as for now I think they are just fascinated in them because they move on their own. Great price for so many.

Donna C.
They really flap / swim :)

My son loves these. The quality is good but with a 3.5 year old I don't expect them to last long . That's why I like how it comes with 6 of them. I am only giving him 1 at a time. They're nice and large . They do take in water but still will float.

Cristine N.
A good sized swimming toy

A good sized swimming toy, great for little hands and fingers. Our little one (2 years) gets a gig every time she has a bath and when playing with these turtles; look so cute swimming in the water! We have had them for 2 months now and she still has not lost interest when playing with the spring toy on water.

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