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Angel J.
Craze Amaze!

I actually originally bought this from the Xelig website and I LOVED it!! I loved it so much that I bought this one for a friend that just had a baby! It just makes baths so much quicker... idk, maybe it’s a first time mom thing and I was so nervous at every bath, but this helped me so much. I also have a pretty massive bathtub so I was able to sit in my tub next to the baby bath tub and use this so easily. Highly recommended!! I loved mine and I’m sure my friend will love hers as well!

Millicent A.
Great product to use while bathing kids

Great tool to use while giving kids a bath and needing a tool to wash them. My 3 year old was very excited by it and used it as a toy to wash all his bath toys as well as washing his body by himself. My only suggestion is to make the tube part longer. This product is useful and fun for everyone.

John R.
Bath time game change!

Absolutely the best purchase! We have tried doing baths for our 6th month old in her baby bath in the shower where we have a spray shower head but the water pressure is so obnoxious. We tried using cups instead and that always went down her face and upset her. This thing is so gentle and easy to use! She actually didn’t fear the running water. She was running her hand through the water as I held it, and was having a blast. The water pressure is gentle enough that I was able to tilt her head back and rinse her hair without the fuss or mess. Definitely recommend it.

Andrew A.
Helpful for toddler bath

But to use with my toddler in the bathtub who did not like having water dumped on her hair. This is easy to use and she loves the design off and wanting to rinse her hair herself using it. Drawback that if she picks it up out of the water it does lose power and need to be quickly drained and sit back in the tub, but it’s an easy fix and takes no time at all so we have not found it to be a real deterrent to use

Roland R.
Cute bath toy for strong toddlers

It is, as described , a cute and enjoyable bath toy...but not for a baby I would say ...the button requires some strong push which is not an issue probably for olders boys but my 13 months cannot with it yet. I would definitely recommend it if you have older children!

Jerry H.
Bath and pool time fun

Used it for bath time and pool time. Bought it when he was just over a year old and he is 18mo now. He still likes getting the spray to work. Turns out to be good for hand motor skills as well.

Allan W.
Function plus fun to use.

This has got to be the cutest bath accessory ever! My daughter doesn't have a hand held shower attachment for her tub. She has been using a plastic cup to rinse the baby. This little cute elephant is the perfect solution. Then when she is older - she can play with the water wand and rinse herself! Love that it attaches to the side of the tub just below the water line.

Alyanna S.
Lots of fun!

This is so much fun. My 16 month old doesn’t sit down in the bath so it’s currently being used as a toy. I should have ordered this for when he was an infant and hopefully we can actually use it as a shower when he is a little older.

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