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Diane W.
The best bubble machine

This is really a good one. I've tried a couple of other bubble machines in the past and none of them were good. This one is amazing. Less noise and lots of bubbles and it's very fast. It looks cute as well.

Marian D.
Really wonderful

We have used this twice - 2 days, back-to-back, with no problems. The amount of bubbles is crazy! The kiddos loved it and continually wanted to turn it on/off, which also showed no problems or glitches (they quite literally pushed the on/off button 25+ times within a 20 minute-time-span. Would happily buy again & recommend to friends.

Gabby B.
Stock up on bubble stuff!

Made my kids day! Got it as a birthday present and also used it at the birthday party. Two things, it uses six AA batteries, which do last a few hours but still pretty costly. Second, this thing goes through a ton of bubble stuff. Over the course of a two hour party I used almost a half gallon of bubbles and had to refill it no less than ten times. Ended up putting someone on bubble duty, when it stopped blowing it was time to fill it. Overall, kids loved it but won’t be an all the time toy due to costly batteries and loads of bubble stuff needed.

George R.
Great party fun!

After reading several reviews on this item I decided that the purchase was worth the try. The children at the Easter party I went to today LOVED LOVED LOVED it! It cranked out tons of bubbles, thousands probably every minute! If filled the yard with happy, laughing children which was great. I have one word of advice for anyone thinking of purchasing this item. My nephew, who knows a little bit about everything said for those who might be having problems with turning or bubble making capacity, once it's filled with bubble liquid, you cannot turn, drop or spill the contents. If it has been used, you must store it upright or the liquid will become displaced and it won't work properly. So his advice: do not turn or tip this over to empty the solution, do not otherwise turn or flip this item to wipe it down. Carefully wipe the outside so it will not become slippery and store it upright in the garage or shelf where the kids cannot get to it. Displacing the liquid may cause it to malfunction. But overall, I would buy this for another child who's birthday is coming up soon. Love it!

Cory D.
Great customer service

Update: Squee sent me a new one after I emailed customer service saying the first one may have been defective. Very happy with the quality of service the company provides.

It worked great for a few weeks but already the spring that holds down the "on" button is broken. We have to tape it down with a coin to get it to stay on. We just started using it about a month ago too - it had great reviews so I thought it would last longer before breaking.

Jolie L.
Brilliant bubble blower

This bubble machine does not mess around! We poured in a couple of ounces and it blew bubbles continuously for about 20-30 minutes. My daughter was in bubble heaven and the cats even got in on the bubble popping fun. This thing blows hundreds of bubbles at a time and shoots them out over about 10-12 feet from the machine, so plenty of space to run around and get crazy. Even more so outside with a breeze to carry the bubbles further. Wonderful product and we are very happy with our purchase!

Barbara J.
My Great Niece was absolutely thrilled as she ran through a ...

My Great Niece was absolutely thrilled as she ran through a sea of bubbles created by this machine! It 's easy to operate and fill and equally easy to clean once you're done. The machine seems well built and solid and, with proper care and handling, should last a long time. Very happy with my purchase. Thank you.

Erick S.
Loving my bubbles

I'm almost 80 years old and I think that this quarantine is sending me back into my "second childhood." I actually bought this bubble machine for myself. I set it up in my courtyard and just empty my mind of any problems and sit and watch the bubbles. Makes me happy. I hope that the bubbles, escaping over the courtyard wall, are bringing smiles to all of my neighbors. Very colorful and the dolphin design is so cute. I have two great-grandsons and I just know that, when I'm finally able to see them, they're going to enjoy this as well.

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