Syreos Bubble Machine for Kids | Durable & Automatic Bubble Maker Toy

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Pinky S.
My kids love it!

Just put in the batteries (you’ll need a tiny screwdriver), pour the bubble liquid in the front of the machine, push the button to turn it on and voila! Many, many, many bubbles will pop out at once and your children will be delighted (like mine!). The bubble liquid runs out pretty quickly so make sure you have a lot of it one hand to keep filling it up. I’d say it runs out with continuous use in about 8 minutes. I’m happy with it!

Roma S.
Loads of bubble fun!!

Being the mom of a 3.5 year old, we love bubbles. These little automatic bubble machines are fantastic! The batteries last a good long while and they put out a ton of bubbles. We have a splash pad that I put out in the summer, I put this on the banister on the porch and the bubbles blow right on it. My son has a blast. We use the gazillion premium bubble solution and it works great. (Though this little machine does come with a small bottle of solution to get you started with as well). Such a fun summer activity, highly recommended!

Samuel R.
Bubble Machine

Since being cooped up for so long, my kids have been playing more outside. This bubble machine is a lot of fun. It takes 3AA batteries and then you add the bubbles, down into the front, and then bubbles galore. It does come with one bottle of bubbles. The bubbles are the smaller size, but it puts out quite a bit. My kids are really enjoying chasing and popping all the bubbles.

Kendra K.
It makes bubbles!!

Received this bubble maker and it was a hit with the kids! The very nice thing is that it actually came with a bottle of bottles. It's bright and colorful and makes nice bubbles. It is a little bit lighter and all plastic so perhaps the price is a little bit high, but all the other bubble makers are pretty expensive too. Recommended!

Russel B.
Little size, big pay out!

Lots and lots of little bubbles. Works really well for how compact and light it is. Easy to load up with bubble mix. Only thing I don't really like is that it is sooooo light and the on/off button wiggles and sometimes misses. Not a deal breaker by far. Would buy it again for sure!

Chris M.
Durable and fun

My Granddaughter (3) absolutely loved this bubble machine. It is easy for her to hold. She was so excited seeing hundreds of bubbles coming out. I was impressed that the bubbles are different colors. Perfect bubble machine for little ones.

Elsa R.
Fun machine

Very cool bubble machine! It works really well. My daughter was carrying it around for a while and enjoying all the bubbles. We then put it on the ledge of our brick and let it float all around. We put a lot of bubbles in it so it went for a long time!

Claudia G.
Small, but Mighty!

This is the most powerful little bubble machine! We love it. Even the adults had fun with it! The handle makes it great, too. We hung it in a tree so that the bubbles would fall on us.It's smaller than I expected, but that's not a problem. It holds about 1/2 a bottle of bubble solution at a time. Also, dawn, corn syrup and water make such wonderful bubbles - they stick to the grass or float forever.

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Syreos Bubble Machine for Kids | Durable & Automatic Bubble Maker Toy