Vetreo Automatic Bubble Machine with Music and Light | Bubble Maker Baby Bath Toy

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Mark W.
Super fun automatic bubble machine!

This automatic bubble machine is so fun for my daughters to play with. They bring it to the park with them or play it in the backyard. The machine blows bubbles very fast. My little daughter loves to pop the bubbles up. With this machine, they will have a lot of fun this summer! No need to blow bubbles anymore when you have this automatic bubble machine! It also will be a great gift!

Van H.M.
My son likes it!

My little one likes to play with it so much. It’s easy to use for kids. He also likes music with the machine. It bubbles out quickly. He likes to take it nearby the park and lake. So much fun this summer with this bubble machine.

Jamaica G.
so many bubbles!

Originally we had ordered a different brand bubble machine for Xmas and it never worked despite putting new batteries in. So we returned it and finally got around to ordering a new one. We decided to spend a little more (not much) for this Vetreo bubble machine due to the high reviews. We've used it twice now and we are completely satisfied!! My toddler was in total shock with all the bubbles. He just stood there blankly but then started to chase the bubbles. It produces SO many bubbles at once. Probably best used outside to avoid wet floors. Aside from making the floors wet and stinky - we have no complaints.

Simon H.
Kids love it!

My two kids like to play in the front heart at summer time,this is perfect for them.It is cute and easy to set up,it even has two bottles of bobble water with it.

Heidi S.
Love this, but..

It's a workable lil toy..but expensive ..Worse part..uses batteries, but the screw-open compartment probably were machine- drilled shut..VERY difficult to unscrew, too tight, and then the screw is stripped...why can it just be lightly screwed shut, knowing i the item can work without batteries in the first place. :( otherwise, so far so good

John B.
Funny toy

my 3 years old loved their music and the bubbles.. thighs also it's perfect to keep the kids busy while you watch tv or read a book .

Vincent B.
Very cute bubble machine!

Super easy bubble machine. Just pour bubbles into the “mouth”. It continuously blows bubbles and if it starts to run low on solution, it’s easy to pour more in without having to stop the machine. Very cute design! It’s smaller than bubble machines I have had before, but that didn’t bother me. It still blows lots of bubbles and makes it easy to store.

Mariano B.
A wonderful toy for my boy

We have used this twice - 2 days, back-to-back, with no problems. The amount of bubbles is crazy! The kiddos loved it and continually wanted to turn it on/off, which also showed no problems or glitches (they quite literally pushed the on/off button 25+ times within a 20 minute-time-span. Would happily buy again & recommend to friends.

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Vetreo Automatic Bubble Machine with Music and Light | Bubble Maker Baby Bath Toy