DecoRaze Butterfly Stakes for Indoor and Outdoor Decoration, 24 pcs



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Apple L.
So colorful and just the rights size for a garden!

I bought these to place throughout my vegetable garden for color as well as the movement to keep away critters. They are the perfect size and just what I needed!

Sheena R.
Better than I thought

I loved the colors and I have put them in plants all over my house and they make me smile and feel good. I shared with a friend and she too loved them. In the spring I will probably get some more to put outside.

Therese W.

I ordered these for a bridal shower to use as bouquets instead of flowers as the bride's theme was butterflies and they got rave reviews for all of the guests. They are well constructed, sturdy and I was able to bend or break the stems to get the varied lengths I wanted in the arrangements.

Nadine C.
Very pretty.

These butterflies are a bright and beautiful addition to the garden, but after a couple of weeks the wings started falling off. I would recommend them for short term outdoor use (parties, special events), but they should be brought inside if you want them to last.

Millicent A.

These are wonderful! I gave them as a gift to my mother and she loved them so much she re-gifted them the next day and had to re-purchase another set for herself!
We placed them in the deck pots on our deck and in pots throughout the yard. We tried placing them in the yard but it was a pain to have to remove them when we went to mow the yard.

Angel J.
Not just a pretty decoration.

I use these to mark the bulbs in my beds and edges of the lawn. That way, after the foliage has died down I know not to dig there when I am planting more bulbs or plants.
The butterflies are pretty and decorative as well as being markers but I gave four instead of five stars because I wish the sticks the butterflies are on were longer.

Alyanna S.

These butterflies are not only easy to work with, but the colors are so lively! I purchased them for an Easter walkway, but I am still using them throughout my home, garden, and offices.

Carol D.

These are just gorgeous!! My intended uses are for: 2 different style floral bouquets for bday presents for my BFFs; for moms, bday to put in her inside houseplants; for my own indoor houseplants. I think they may be too fragile for outdoors because I've had a couple of butterflies come out of their springs attached to the poles (easily put back in). Guess it would all depend on what your weather is like where you live. Enjoy like me!!!

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DecoRaze Butterfly Stakes for Indoor and Outdoor Decoration, 24 pcs