Camgeek Dashcam Mini Car DVR Full HD 1080P Camera Video Recorder with Night Vision G-sensor

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Lance S.

Great little dash cam. Picture is good. Super easy set up. Placed to the right of rear view mirror, and I hardly know it’s there. Am able to almost completely hide wires on a Jeep Wrangler. Running cord from plug along glove box door, under plastic around windshield. Having the sound recorded is more entertaining than I would have thought. I had an oil change at the dealership and could listen to the gal complain about pulling the jeep into the car wash with the less than nimble turning radius.
Thinking about getting one for the rear window.

Travis B.
One of THE BEST dash cams ever!

I have tried two other for my other cars in the last few months, This is the winner! Small, Lightweight, GREAT picture, the angle of view of better than most! It sees everything. The video and audio are the best I have seen for the resolution and the number of features is the best I have seen from a dashcam so far. I feel this is a high-quality unit!
LOOK FOR MY VIDEO UPDATE SOON as I will do a video for everyone after I use it a little :-)

Chad j.
Solid Dash Cam for a Great Price

I've been meaning to pick up a dash cam for a while but had held back as all the ones that were well liked came with steep prices. A friend recommended this one and I'm quite impressed with the build quality and performance, especially considering the great price. I would recommend people watch YouTube videos showing dash cam installations (any brand) for their make and model of car. In my case, I was able to do a professional looking installation in only about 15 minutes.

Mike S.

Installation was easy. The camera is good, night or day. I liked that I could turn the microphone off. the only thing I've noticed is that it vibrates at times making the video blurry, but it is minor, and the only reason I did not give it 5 stars. It's my first one, so I may not have it properly secured.

Allan P.
Small, and easy to use.

Quick delivery! The setup was not too difficult, fairly intuitive. The manual is a bit of a challenge as English is not the native language of the writer. I put the camera up on the window, routed the wire to a switched outlet, and have forgotten about it for the most part. When it first turns on when the vehicle starts, the display turns on for a few minutes (customizable in the settings), and then banks out. There IS a red blinking light to let you know that it is still recording however.

Michael F.

My husband works in the city and we have expereinced several issues where a camera on the vehicle would have been handy! I decided to do some research and it led me to Ooala where I came across this dash cam. What first drew me to this one is the price, very affordable! Upon receiving the dash cam it was very easy to install. The camera quality is also very good, which i was suprised because the price just seemed too good to be true. Very happy with the quality, camera proivdes excellent footage both day and night.

Nikko M.
Great value for the $

I have the mini (this one) and the full size, one in each car. I love them. Got 32gig micro sd cards, hardwire kit, and easy as that. Works great, I love that there is a audio hot key meaning I can keep audio off then turn on if I get pulled over or when I’m ready. Also like the fact it’s a regular camera + recording so I can take it off the mount and use it for whatever on its own charge. Also it caught a lady hitting my side view after my car was parked in Wally World. Not that I can do anything I just know what happened now lol

Damiel S.
Great dash cam

Very impressed with this dash cam, very good size so it don’t block the windshield. This dash cam is very good picture/video quality as you can see from the picture I took, if you don’t have a dash cam I would highly recommend this one. I have tried many other dash cams and they don’t even compare with this one. Also you can’t beat the price for what you get this could save you a lot of money if anything ever happens and you go to court.

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Camgeek Dashcam Mini Car DVR Full HD 1080P Camera Video Recorder with Night Vision G-sensor