CampHouse 8x21 Zoom Mini Folding Pocket Binoculars Telescope for Indoor and Outdoor Use



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Crissy R.
Perfect for concerts

I took my parents to a concert and wanted to ensure they could see things clearly considering our seats were about 100 meters from the stage; my mom was like glued to these binoculars all night! She loved being able to see everything as if she was face to face with the performers. Highly recommend it

Cassy G.
Work great! And so compact,👍

The compact is right! Perfect for having in the backpack for birdwatching or looking at nature, easy to take with you wherever you go. I also bought an $80 of Bushnell s, I should've bought 2 pair of these and still had $30 in my pocket, they're just as good. The case is ok too,

Cid C.
These are perfect!

I have about 4 acres of land next to a wooded area & there are lots of animals that cross the yard. I mainly got these to look at animals 80 - 100 feet away & they work great for that. I can also see the huge radio towers near my house in much greater detail as well as the moon. In close spaces they will focus on objects as close as 8 feet away & reveal an almost surreal amount of detail in common household objects that will quite simply blow your mind. I'm quite pleased with these, for such a compact & inexpensive set.

Jordin B.
These binoculars offer a great combination of compact size, low price, and good optical quality

These binoculars will work well as a secondary pair to keep in the car and use it during travels. For their very low price, they offer good optics that snap into focus, including the diopter adjustment for the right eye. And they seem well-made, and they fold into a very small size for carrying around. I wish they came with rubber caps to protect the front and rear lens elements, but I wasn't surprised that they were not included at this very low price.

Jelly V.
I almost hate to admit how much I like these binoculars

I almost hate to admit how much I like these binoculars, because I have always disliked binoculars. But, these are just small and light enough that they do not irritate when trying to adjust the two sides to fit your eyes for a nice wide view. I bought them along with a monocular, thinking it would be better to just hold in one hand as I birdwatch both 10 feet and one block away. But Nah, the more expensive monocular was not clear and the view, though the same 8x21, was half the size (being only one lens, I guess). So, here I am, very very happy with my Camp House 8x21 binoculars. I can see great detail on tiny goldfinches at the feeder 10 feet away, and I can watch the very animated mockingbirds 35 feet up in a tree that is three houses away. Beautiful clarity and great ease of use.

Hannah S.
Amazing clarity and quality, at a low price!

Purchased pricey tickets for the Broadway play "Wicked", which was touring in my city. Unfortunately, despite being pricey, the seats were only a couple of rows away from being all the way in the back of the theater, which meant, we'd be quite far away from the stage. Foreseeing this issue, I decided to give these binoculars a chance, considering the positive reviews, despite the fact they were not "glitzy" and "fancy" like some others with stainless steel, chains, and handles. I wanted something that would be of good quality, even if not showy. I am glad I trusted the great reviews on these binoculars and went ahead and purchased them. The clarity and zoom was unbelievable, especially considering the low price I paid for them. While the people looked like ants from my seat, with the binoculars, I could see their eyes, their teeth, heck, even their wrinkles! The clarity was amazing! I had never owned a pair of binoculars and although I borrowed some once, I was disappointed with the visibility, and was skeptical about this purchase. I am glad I took the chance and the fact these are light, small, and foldable, making it easy to put in my purse. I am headed to the UniverSoul Circus in a couple of weeks, and will make sure to have these binoculars in tow!

Richard W.
Strong smell like factory oil

These are great except for the strong factory oil smell. I’m airing them out and hoping it will fade. I’m afraid to wipe them something as the runner made discolor. Will see.

Minda L.
Great value!

I have just received this and tried using it in the daytime. Works great. I will be going to a concert in May and hopefully it will work just as well in a theatre night setting.

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