CandyCrop Long Handle Spoon, for Mixing, Cocktail Stirring, Tea, Coffee, Milkshake, Cold Drink

Color: Silver


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Mae P.
LOVE these beautiful spoons!!

I like long-handled spoons to stir my coffee and other things. Somehow I was down to only two of them, I blame my children. Hahaha. When shopping for some new ones, I found these and had to buy them! They are beautiful & seem to be of good quality. They aren't super sturdy like I wouldn't scoop ice cream with them, but they should hold up to almost any task.

Rose H.
So Cute!!

I've always loved all these colors and wanted them for my ice tea drinks and add a bit of flare. I find them elegant and different. Very pleased.

Jamaica G.

LOVE THESE!!! So whimsical, excellent quality stainless steel. Should last a lifetime. Smallish little spoon bowls on long handles — adorable for pretty drinks, desserts, etc. I enjoy just looking at them. These spoons just make a person happy, and for a reasonable price. My only request is that the manufacturer produces these in complete cutlery sets so we could use them for every meal.

Karla G.
Shiny, pretty, and seems like good quality

These appeared to be fine, sturdy spoons, like the ones I've purchased in the past from other sellers. I cannot speak to the longevity of this particular item though. I had purchased these for a special event that has now passed, however, I would not hesitate to buy them again if the need or similar event arises.

Mark W.
Good for everyday

Nice everyday spoons. Great for root beer floats or parfaits. Even coloring and smooth edges. Wash well in the dishwasher.

Heidi S.
Somewhat flimsy, but look great

Look, they're flimsy if you're really digging into some cold ice cream. When you get something beautiful at a cheap price, there's a trade-off. However, the color really is great.

Donna C.
Beautiful and functional

I often drink tea and coffee with honey and sugar or cinnamon or whatever I feel like adding that day. Since I make large mugs regular size teaspoons don't work well for me. I end up dropping them in the cup and have to fish them out. These teaspoons work great as they are long enough to stick up over the edge of my mugs or on my REALLY big mugs they at least get almost to the bottom. AND best of all they are beautiful. It is always nice to have something pretty. I thought they were well worth the price. I have had them for a couple of months now and have not had any problems with the finish. They come out of the dishwasher as beautiful as the first day I got them. I'm happy I got these and would buy them again if I needed more.

Cristine N.

Excellent spoon. We wanted some long-handled spoons for milkshakes. We also wanted the rainbow oil-ish type ones to match a set of silverware we got at a department store. These spoons were perfect! They look like they came with our more expensive department store set. They are holding up perfectly with repeated use and being used in the dishwasher. (Side note-I have read that lemon dishwasher cleaner can ruin silverware. I’m not sure if this is true. But, we don't want to risk it, so we never use any dishwashing liquid with lemon. Just in case it does gradually ruin silverware.) These spoons feel sturdy, durable, and very well made. Price was so great, consider money does not grow on trees. We recommend these spoons to anyone.

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CandyCrop Long Handle Spoon, for Mixing, Cocktail Stirring, Tea, Coffee, Milkshake, Cold Drink