Sharpiva Craft Knife Precision Cutter | Fine Point Blade, Easy-Change Blade System

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Jonna M.
Works perfectly

I’m so happy I got this! I was making these poster board things for the phases of the moon (the poster boards with the styrofoam inside) where I needed a hole cut out for the students to put their head when they had the “moons” attached correctly... I’ve cut these boards before with a scissor and it was a nightmare. Well - not with this!! Literally, worked like a charm. I love the cap too, especially because I have a kid and I often reach into the area it’s stored and wouldn’t want either of us getting hurt.

Joseph O.
Sharpest Craft Knife I’ve Found

I do a lot of fine paper cutting. I design intricate patterns and cut them out to make greeting’s cards and framed art. I’ve used this faithfully since I first came across it and it has never disappointed me. It comes with the finest blade I’ve come across and the handle is well-made so as to be comfy in your hand. Even if you’re cutting for hours as I sometimes do. When I turn the blade to cut small, tight curves, it’s easy to manage the blade and make it do what I want it to. It’s never snagged or torn my paper either, which is a good thing because some of my papers are very expensive!

The issue I have to mention as a negative is the cap. The cap lets the rest of the thing down a bit because it doesn’t feel very secure once it’s on... But to me, what’s really important is the performance of the blade so I’m happy to overlook an ill-fitting cap! I store mine in a special pot, point down and cap on.

Finest blade I’ve yet to find
Strong and durable
The grip is nice

The cap is a little loose

Jenifer W.
Perfect for Crafts

This is such a great value for such an effective knife. It's definitely very sharp and easy to use. It has a good grip and good weight on it so that you feel it sturdy while using it. I've used it for small details too and the sharp little tip is great at focusing on these little craft details without any issues.

Ludwig H.
Good handle.

Same size and shape as the one i had back in the 80's but it’s very light. Thinking its not solid metal anymore. Other than cheaping out like every other manufacturer on this planet, it’s still a good product. I use them for wood carving of all things. Number #11 blades fit nicely, it’s what I use. You will be happy with the handle.

Love L.M.
Great for Crafts

This is super sharp. Admittedly I've cut myself a few times, but I'm a clumsy loser. It does cut well, and it's easy to clean. The grip on the handle means it doesn't slip easily, and it has nice weight. The blade is removable, so it can be swapped with others, and it has a nice lid, with little wings on either side so it doesn't roll around. I use it every day and haven't seen any dulling yet.

It leaves sharp, smooth lines on anything I use it for, and I never have to cut twice. I'm very happy with it. The little tip means I can do teeny tiny details without worrying about squishing anything.

Edison F.
Good for the money

You get a lot of blades for your money and the cap stays on well enough to put in my backpack without worry of getting cut. Only issue is that the top where you screw it tight to hold in the blade tends to unscrew and the blade can fall out because it’s where you naturally grip the knife. Tightening with a small wrench might help.

Tracy M.
Great Product!

I've been dying to get a product like this so I can start on my own individual art projects that'll require me to cut up some designs that can't be done with scissors, the pricing on this product was incredibly low but great!

Michael S.
Good little craft knife for all general purposes

I've only had this craft knife about a week, but I've used it several times to cut different materials: silicone (trimming molds I made), plastic (both firm and very thin/flexible), thin cardboard (this isn't a box cutter and I won't use it that way), and paper of varying thicknesses. It's performed like a champ on all materials, though it does depend on me getting a good angle and having a good grip on it.

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Sharpiva Craft Knife Precision Cutter | Fine Point Blade, Easy-Change Blade System