Smues Natural Plant Silvervine Chew Sticks | Cat Teeth Cleaning Chew Toy

Set: 5 Pieces


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Melissa R.
My cat is crazy in love with these

we recently adopted a kitten who chews everything including the dog bones. so I did research trying to find something besides fingers, toes, and my wooden kitchen table from being ripped to shreds. ran into these and decided to take a chance. he was instantly in love and we have relief in the house from the teething cat.

Leah S.
Good for destructive kitties!

This is great for my kitty which destroys anything and everything. I removed the outer bark part with the edge of the scissors-like the directions said, my kitty plays with this every day and hasn’t destroyed it yet.

Avery C.
Cats love these sticks

I don’t know what kind of sorcery this is, but my cats go nuts over this stick. They jump around the bag if it is in their reach. I don’t know if their teeth are any better, but it definitely keeps them busy. The key is to hold
it straight out and let them approach it.

Chenny P.
Cats & Kittens' version of a dog's rawhide bone!

My cats and kittens love this! Not just the "cat nip" that's in it... chewing because they're teething and they know, this is their "toothbrush"... going so far as to prop them upright and rub their faces (sides)... guaranteed many purrs! This will NOT disappoint!

Aurora S.
My cats LOVE these

If your cat isn't a fan of catnip like my girls, I suggest giving these a try. My cats absolutely love these things when I give them a stick as a treat, and will randomly find it and re-enjoy it all over again.

Arrah G.
Great distraction for busy cats.

I was really surprised as to how much my cats liked these sticks. The youngest cat played the most with them, the older ones like to chew on them more. Great replacement for the pen/pencil thief in the house, now he carries these around.

Katrina R.
My cat loves these!

I have a one-year-old cat, he always looks insane, and the vet advised me to buy him some toys. This looks good. I just threw one of them to my cat and he fell into madness. For about 30 minutes, he held silvervine on the floor of the living room and rolled around, flipping these sticks from time to time. Now he seems to be closer to me than before, at least he looks a lot livelier.

Kimberly H.
Cat really likes it

This is my first time trying silvervine and I wasn't sure if my cat would be interested in it. I took one out of the package and started scraping away the bark and immediately my cat came from a different room sniffing around looking for what it is.
He reacted to it like he does catnip. I’m happy with my purchase.

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Smues Natural Plant Silvervine Chew Sticks | Cat Teeth Cleaning Chew Toy