Zesty Cat Grinding Catnip Toys | Funny Interactive Pet Kitten Chewing Toy

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Lester H.
Wonderful cat toys that my kitten loves chewing on!

I bought these so my kitten would have something to chew on, she is going through her stage of needing to bite on everything. I bought her these and when I see her chewing furniture or something else I hand her one of these toys. I'm so glad there were three in the pack, I keep one in all of the main rooms. Even though she chews on them daily they're holding up pretty good. I will come back and update when I need to buy some more.

Melody E.
kitties and kids love em

My cat had a toy at his rescue and we purchased this to help him feel welcome and remain playful at 5 years old. Our other rescue who is lazy loves it too.

Michael F.
Cat's and dog's love them!

This trio of cat toys is too cute! My cat's love these toys and my dog does to.

Allan P.
My cats love these!

My cats were rolling all over the counter, bag and packaging as I was trying to get these out, they loved these and have been going a little cat nip crazy and having so much fun!

Damiel S.
Great Kitty Toys! Well made!

I got these for my kitten who kept stealing all of our socks (and putting holes in them with her play!) and she immediately took to them. They're the perfect size, very 'sock-like'. LOL I occasionally dip them in a bit of cat nip to increase interest. Even my old men kitties love to cuddle with them. They seem much better made than the other toys my cats have had; I'm very happy with them and will be buying a set for my brother's cats. :)

Ashton B.
Cat Catnip Toys

These toys are well made. Although I brush my cat's teeth, it is always good to provide toys that will help keep their teeth clean. My cats love them. They like to toss them into the air and then bat them around. They carry them from room to room as if they have caught a mouse.

Sabrina P.
Cats Will Love These

My cats got these cat nip toys for presents. They enjoy rolling around and biting on the material and nothing has ripped. The little critters are cute as well as being well crafted.

Jane S.
Adorable cat toy

This cat nip toy is amazing. First they look adorable and my cat loved it. Usually my cat don’t play that much bcz of his age. But w this toy he won’t stop playing with it. He loved it. And I loved that too.

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Zesty Cat Grinding Catnip Toys | Funny Interactive Pet Kitten Chewing Toy