Pettix Adjustable Cat & Dog Vest Harness with Reflective Strap│Extra Small Size

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Katrina R.
Great puppy harness

Like.Well made. The front leg holes smaller than other XS harnesses. Soft material. Velcro is strong. Buckles are well made. There is room for my Yorkie to grow in this harness which is nice.
My Yorkie "Zoey" is 9 weeks old, quite small with a 10-inch girth and neck of 7 inches. Zoey weighs 2.25 pounds to give buyers an idea of her age, weight, and dimensions. To make the harness fit well on Zoey I have the straps and Velcro pulled to the smallest size. There is lots of room for Zoe to grow in this harness with at least 3 to 4 inches in the Velcro to expand as so with the straps.

Lady L.
Fits well & easy to apply

This harness was easy to put on our feral kitten. My daughter traps feral cats & has them fixed & vaccinated. We release them afterward. We had a feral kitten that we could not release due to needing 10 days of eye antibiotics for an infection. We were concerned about taking the kitten outside due to it not trusting us yet & it was really wild. We knew we had to start getting her out of the cage & outdoors more, but we were concerned for her safety. She is pretty wild, but we manage to get the harness on her a lot easier since the buckle & velcro are on the back. This harness actually calms her down some & makes her more manageable. She is just about to outgrow the extra small, so we are ordering the next size up since she has decided she’s going to live here.😉

Chenny P.
Great fit, easier to fit than expected

I bought 6 of the cat harnesses to outfit our 6 cats when we move across the country. We measured their girth like it said to and bought sizes small through extra-large. All 6 fit exactly as expected! I was worried whether it would work with my oddly shaped dwarf cat, but it did fine. Each cat had a different, unhappy reaction -- hysterical to watch. I highly recommend cinching down the clasp straps before you fit it to your cat. It was fairly easy to put it on them. Put their little legs through the leg holes, then quickly Velcro the middle part, snap the clasp, and let go. It was a little trickier subsequent times, as we had to fish them out from behind the couch first. Nothing says "We're moving," like half a dozen caged, sedated cats in safety vests lined up in the back of your truck. Oh, the fun we shall have.

Aurora S.
It stays on cats!

I absolutely love this harness! I use this for my cat. The X-Small size on my 7-month old is a little big, but because it’s adjustable it still works perfectly and he can grow into it. The kitten is snugged in and he doesn’t seem to mind wearing it. What do I love about it? When he does not want to be lead on the leash and tries to squirm out of it, it stays on! If you’re a cat owner and trying to leash train, you know what I’m talking about. I would not get any other harness that’s out there now. This one is affordable and actually does what it says it will.

Arrah G.
Love it

I got the red one and it’s pretty and it looks secure. I haven’t really used it yet but tried it on my little cat and it fits her perfectly. I’m not sure how old she is because we just found her hiding in our garage. She looks bigger in the picture. I got her XS, planning to use it for a vet visit instead of carrying a bag. I have it on to the tightest adjustment for now. It’s a great quality for the price. Love it

Leah S.
Excellent harness for your small pet

Very happy with this harness. It is made well, easy to put on, and fits well for my less than 3lb kitten. I would recommend to others looking to allow their small animals to enjoy the outside world.

Kimberly H.
Fits good, looks cute, nice quality.

Our new kitten is 3 lbs. and not a huge fan of his harness, but it fits well and is super cute. Works great for what we need it for. I bought him an extra small and it fits well. I'm happy hopefully he will be soon too 😁

Maui D.
Best quality for so cheap

We got an XS and it’s really well made. I was a little worried about sizing because my kitten is still growing but it fits with room to spare for when he gets bigger. It’s really supportive so if anything happens you can put the leash back or up and it won’t hurt the pet. Takes some getting used to for our kitten to not lean into it and lose his balance but after a while he was fine. The reflective stripe is really good in the dark with bright lights.

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Pettix Adjustable Cat & Dog Vest Harness with Reflective Strap│Extra Small Size