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Gian C.S.

My cats absolutely love this toy. They go crazy every time they hear the bell jingle when we take it out. It's flexible so when we're playing and they pull, then let go, it bounces like it's on a bungee cord. My cats definitely give this 2 (4?) paws up!

Jacky M.
The ONLY toy my cat still plays with

I can't tell you how much money I've spent on trying to entertain and contain this ridiculous cat! Hundreds of dollars on toys and comfort items to try to give him a healthy outlet for his insane energy, but really I just needed this the whole time. He. Is. OBSESSED. I use the "fishing pole" with him every evening to wear him out before bed, and even when he's played to exhaustion, he is still begging to play! He does the most amazing flip jumps trying to "catch the bird," definitely impresses my friends.

Kevin R.
BEST cat toy EVER?!?!

I can't even believe how much my cats LOVE this ridiculous thing. They have always enjoyed dangling things, but they are OBSESSED with this one! Something about the fishing rod style handle makes the toy on the end bounce and wiggle in a way they just find really appealing I guess? It's much sturdier than it seems, too - one of my cats is huge and both are far from gentle when they catch the thing.

Cynthia W.
Excellent quality and economical! Cats instantly attract!

I’ve bought a lot of cat toys over the years. Many usually get left on the floor to trip over. As soon as I opened the package on these, both my 2 and 18 yr old cat lit up! They love it. Handles are skinny but sturdy. The line seems to be heavy duty test line (fishing line). My cats have slicers for teeth and they’ll have to work at to cut this. The attachments have bells and good material.

Lucy J.
Kittens love chasing this

I have two kittens, who love playing with anything thats interactive, this serves the purpose just right. My siamese loves to chase the feather attachment, and she is fast and jumps really high so she usually catches it, and bites down really hard but this has not yet broken, high quality stuff.
Would recommend.
Just wish the sticks were slightly thicker.

Olivia C.
Intimidating for my average-sized cats! LOL!

I'm quite happy with these, but both cats are scared of them! LOL!
As for the toys themselves--well made for what they are, and certainly a good value for the price!

Steve D.
Even my bored, grouchy cat likes this!

My Main Coon mix is a bit on the lazy side, so getting him to exercise can be a challenge. I have spent more than I care to count on toys that are 'guaranteed' to make your cat play. Nothing really holds his interest. I bought a Ripple rug after watching videos of cats going crazy on it- my boy just used it for naps. Laser toys- not much interest at all once he follows the light to my hand; he usually just walks away. These toys keep him jumping! I can usually keep him playing for several minutes at a time, which is great for him. When these wear out, I will definitely buy more of this brand.

Travis B.
This is making a very happy kitten

I ordered this toy because I need to train my kitten not to attack my hands constantly.
These toy wands are the best solution to keep her running, engaged and leaving my hands safe for once.

My kitten and me are very happy with this purchase.

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