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Krisha G.
Only Cream That Works

I have always struggled with belly fat and none of the creams I've tried in the past have given any measurable results. After reading the reviews about this cream, I decided to give it a try. In a few days, I could already feel my tummy shrinking! It is more effective if you use it before a workout but even without working out, it can still give you noticeable results. I am so pleased with this cream that I am going to continue buying it. I only wish it came in a larger tube so I won't have to keep reordering so frequently.

Aira C.
It Work For Me

This cream is great. You have to keep in mind that it does take time. When you first apply the cream, you do feel a warming sensation. After fifteen minutes it starts to warm up. You will sweat a lot. I like wearing it during my exercise routine.

Virginia L.
Amazing tummy slimming cream

I love this cream. It really works and is a great value for your money. I've been using this for a month with my waist trainer and I love the results. It's defined my curves, flattened my stomach with exercise. The smell is amazing and tingles which is how you know it’s working. Give it a try you won't regret it.

Karla G.
It could work....

You can definitely feel it working! I apply this to my stomach right after the shower and then I immediately put on a tank top. My stomach sweats quite a bit when it’s on. I've noticed a slight difference in how firm the skin is on my stomach but I haven't been as consistent in using it as I should be.

Mae P.
It works

I used this product for on my stomach, thighs, and glutes area and definitely felt the burn. I think it is helping with getting the skin smoother and seems to help diminish stretch marks which I okay with that! I usually put it on after I work out and after a shower. 2 times daily!

Rose H.
Best Weight Loss Cream

I ordered this product to help me on my weight loss journey along with a waist trainer and so far it has been working and helping my weight loss journey much quicker than before with just the waist trainer only. I highly recommend it.

Mark W.
One Hot Product!

I am enjoying using this product. I apply a small amount to my waist and midsection before each workout and cover it with my waist trimmer. It warms up with in seconds and I started to see results within a week. I would recommend this product.

Jamaica G.
Amazing Product Love!!!!!

I purchased this cream to help with abdominal fat as that is my area that just seems to store and collect fat. I am fit and eat healthily for the majority of the time but somehow with my genes that is just where the fat is stored. I tried this cream two times a day and noticed a huge difference right away. You can also work out and do whatever you need to while this cream does its job. I will continue using this daily as I am really happy with my results so far.

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