Diuns Activated Organic Charcoal Powder Teeth Whitening 30g



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Ivory C.
So far so good!

I’ve used this only once so far and it’s already whitened my teeth significantly! Only con is that I had to rinse my sink out good but not much of a mess, to be honest. Works as described and very quick shipping.

Kurt A.
this is pretty amazing

I was so pleasantly surprised to find this charcoal tooth whitener actually works even after one use. It has no bad taste or aftertaste and once you are finished brushing with it, just rinse your mouth and floss. I am really excited about this pretty amazing and helpful product. Inexpensive to boot!

April W.
Works great

I love this stuff!! My mom even purchased a few weeks after I started using it because she noticed my teeth were whiter! I love the toothbrush that comes with it because it’s a little stiff and seems good for brushing on the charcoal. I will say, it is messy so beware of that. I brush with this in the shower to avoid too much mess.

Hero A.
Use while taking a shower

The very fine charcoal powder worked great. Visibly noticeable results after a few brushes. The teeth whitening charcoal is of great quality. I had no issues with it getting stuck in gums. A simple rinse and all were removed from my mouth. The powder is very fine, and very black. I suggest brushing while in shower... no mess to clean up!

Jessa B.
It actually does work!

Well I’m really impressed for someone who smokes and drinks coffee my teeth can get really stained which I judge from my veneer on one of my teeth from an accident... I’ve literally used this product once and all my teeth around my veneer have clearly whitened a shade... I was actually very shocked it worked so well after just one use I look forward to reviewing them in a weeks’ time...it is very messy though and there are no instructions so be careful you don’t need much I put too much on and my mouth was a big black foamy mess lol and be careful when brushing I wouldn’t advise keeping mouth open and teeth visible as it flicked everywhere up the wall up the mirror and on my hoody 🙈 luckily a quite wipe with a wet wipe and everything came up clean again!

Roselyn R.
Don’t hesitate!

Used to use strips but they ruined my enamel, so I tried this and I absolutely love it! My teeth were whiter after the first use and gradually got whiter over the last 2 weeks. And I use it on my 5 year old as well for some of the milk stains on his teeth.
Took them right out. Definitely recommend!

Robert B.
I had doubts

Trying to find natural teeth whitening products was hard, but I read the reviews on this one and I thought I'd try it. I will say this product is amazing, noticed a difference even after the first time. I will definitely purchase again.
Very happy customer!

Jeanne K.
Counteracts coffee stains!

This stuff works! Coffee is my vice and it leaves my teeth stained. This counteracts the staining power of the coffee. I use this daily. It is messy. You will find out how to personally use it to minimize the black mess it leaves behind. I choose to do it in the shower. It really gets your teeth whiter when used as a daily oral regimen.

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