Hoofy 1 Pc Carrot Chew Toy for Rabbit, Rat & Small Animal Pets



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Juliet B.

Really cute! I don't know if my mouse uses them but they are adorable and affordable so its ok and I will keep them as an option for him. He does seem to move them around.

Sarah W.
Every Rabbit Needs These

Molly really loves these! I usually give them to her one at a time. I tell her Molly do you want a prize and she takes them right out of my hand.

Michelle L.
cute chew toy

My daughters rabbit loves chewing on these. Great exercise for him, and helps keep his teeth filed down.

Mary G.
Bunny Loves These

My bunny loves these! She didn't care much for them when she was younger (about 2 months old), but now she's four months old and she loves to chew on them

Elise V.R.
These are nice chew toys

These are nice chew toys even though my picky rabbit would not chew on them. They would be great for rabbits that like to chew on everything. I would recommend this item to others.

Janet G.
Our hamster enjoys these!

Our Carrot loved these! I purchased this for my kids new pet hamster, Carrot. Once we placed them in his cage, he immediately started to chew on these! He enjoy them.

Margaux F.
Great for Sampling

One of the things about being a new hamster owner is deciding what the hamster may or may not like.
I bought this item because of the sampling of different materials it offers which saves money and from buying individual toys!

Sam J.
Hamster Farmin'

Absolutely adorable to 'plant' around in our hamster cage and watch our little creature 'root' them out. Great color & fun!

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Hoofy 1 Pc Carrot Chew Toy for Rabbit, Rat & Small Animal Pets