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Vico C.
Beautiful pair of gloves & very functional. Lightweight too!

These gloves are very comfortable for riding and I even clean his stall in them. They are also easy to clean. I just rinse them with the barn hose. The color is a deep black which always looks great! One disappointment is you have to take them off to use your phone because the phone will not recognize touch with the gloves on.

Marivic L.
use the measurement recommendations and some judgment

These seem well made, if you are on the cusp of size I would recommend the larger or it may fit your hand but feel short on the wrist and fingers. The company have been very responsive and helpful. I hope that they last because look elegant without being showy.

Toni B.
This seller is AWESOME.

I got a little hole in these gloves after wearing them for about 10 months. The seller sent me a brand new pair as they are guaranteed for a year. They are one of very few gloves that fit my tiny hand. I wear a small. There are multiple sizes to choose from, they provide protection, and grip, are very durable and yet you have sensitive feel through the glove. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Calix G.
Mom likes them child not so much

I love them but I do not horse ride. My daughter does not like them. She said they do not help i n the cold weather and I told her they are not made for cold weather just riding. She likes to feel the reins in her hands not using the gloves. So perhaps as she gets better she may like them. She has trouble with how long the reins get and I think having them covered bothers her ability to move the reins around in her hands. I think they are great quality and fir just fine for my hands and my 10 year olds hands. she is tall and has long fingers.

Princess Q.
Well made and good fit for my wife with small hands.

Very well made! I ordered these as a gift for my wife who has small hands and the ladies size large fits just right. She likes the feel of them and plans to use them in her car as driving gloves in cold weather. They are more than just "horse riding" gloves so I wanted to let buyers know that they are normal gloves good for multi purpose. They are reinforced in the palm area so for horse riders this helps where contact is made with the bridle ropes. That being said they are great for driving, yard work, raking, shoveling, etc. Good gloves!

Sede T.
good fit, comfortable to wear.

I went back and forth on what size I should order. If you work in a hospital this is what I did. When I wear the small size gloves they are tight on my hands. The medium are loose but fit. The Large are way too roomy for my hands and I only use them in a pinch. So I decided to get the medium size Horse Riding Gloves and they fit snug. They have a good grip, are breathable and are comfortable to wear. Now if only I could have a horse of my own...

Diane W.
Great Gloves

Thank goodness that sizing is accurate for once!!
Even though I'm a large lady (5'11"), my hands are disproportionately small to the rest of my body, so I ordered a medium and they fit like a glove!!!!! Sorry, couldn't resist the pun.
All jokes aside, these are very nice gloves. Great feel of the reins through my hands. Nice grip, not too thick, not too thin.
They've held up nicely through a couple rough rides through off-trail terrain. Decent quality.
Finger sleeves are nicely formed and dexterous - I can use my phone with the gloves on.
Love the all black - makes them easy to match with any outfit.
Cannot beat the price! Great quality for less than $5 (including shipping!) - I dare anyone to find a better deal. Very satisfied.

Marian D.
great for shorter fingers!

These are the first and only gloves I have ever purchased that fit my hands perfectly. The fingers are short enough that there is not extra fabric at the tips to inhibit dexterity. My index finger is 2.5 inches from web (between index and middle fingers) to tip; my hand is 6.5 inches from palm to tip of middle finger; circumference of my palm is 7 inches.

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