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Anton Y.
Great Buy

The nail clippers work great, they clip smoothly and doesn't scare my dogs.

Steve D.
great for large dog with tough nails

My 30 Kg dog has unusually hard, tough nails. Over the years, I have tried several different models of clippers and grinders. As soon as I switched to these, clipping the dog's nails was noticeably easier. I am purchasing a second pair so I won't have to hunt for something new when these eventually become dull or break.

Travis B.
Love this style

We bought these to replace an old set of dog nail clippers. The pair we replaced were difficult to use as you could only cut from one angle. We saw a groomer using these when we went to wash our dogs, and got a set for ourselves. Very simple to cut nails now. Good clean cut, and the guard takes the guessing out of how much to trim off.

Chad j.
So much easier and effective

The clippers are sharp, they have the guard so you don't clip too far, the only thing is holding him down to do it. It's super quick and it's over before he knows it. I'm glad I purchased it.

Veron L.
The Best Nail Clippers For Dogs!

Delivery was very fast, and this product is the best I have ever used. My dogs are both rescues and are afraid of having their toenails clipped. These are sharp and fast, so, followed by treats, we can get it over with quickly and happily get on with our day. Highly recommend!

Cherry S.
Safety feature on dog nail clippers

Wonderful dog nail clippers, fits in my hand well and very easy to operate. What I like the most is the safety guard which keeps you from
cutting too far down and cause bleeding. I was nervous at first but after cutting the first nail it was like I had been using them forever.
I know my puppy will be safe when I cut his nails and I got it for a great price also. Definitely would recommend.

Lance S.
Great Value

Dog couldn't figure out how to use them. I thought they were pretty straight forward but all she did was chew them up and leave in the yard. Might be better if could fit in my dogs hand. 5 stars for prompt delivery and build quality.

Mike S.
Sturdy, easy to hold.

Sturdy, easy to hold.
These are great nail clippers for the price. Sturdy and strong. I have a great Dane, so his nails get quite thick and hard, these clippers had no trouble and didn't split or splinter the nail like other hand clippers have. I would definitely recommend.

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