CleanBox 5-in-1 Multi-function Aquarium/Fish Tank Cleaning Tool



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Eris S.
Happy with the set and all the different interchangeable attachments

Happy with the set and all the different interchangeable attachments. Great for the price as I was not expecting something extremely heavy-duty...since I knew this I am happy with it. Handle a bit flimsy but just hold part of the pole and handle together and it is sturdy enough to do the job.

Cid C.
Perfect all-in-one tool for my aquarium maintenance needs

I bought this tool to help maintain my aquarium. I put it to use last night for the first time and found it easy to assemble and change out attachments. I used the scraper to remove tough algae from the glass and then swapped out the scrubber to finish cleaning the glass. The rake came in handy to smooth the gravel after the gravel cleaning. There's another tool that I used to help reset the plants. It really made the chore a breeze! Great value for the money.

Frederick P.

Cannot go wrong for the price!

This is a good deal and a perfect all in one package for cleaning aquariums. My tank is finally clean! The quality of the product is better than I had expected for the price. The plastic is sturdy and the attachments connect/stay on the pole pretty well. Recommended!!!

Alyanna S.
Does what it should

Did the job exactly as it should. Like the variety of tools. We have 4 fish tanks and each one has different requirements so this worked great.

Mae P.
Good Multi-Purpose Tool

While the overall product is made of plastic and not the best quality, it does offer some neat features. I particularly like the rake, which I've been using daily to skim off duckweed. If you don't screw the individual pieces correctly, they fall apart.

Jimmy W.
Makes cleaning easy.

This is a nice tool to have is you have an aquarium. There are multiple attachments that give options on what to clean with. The only complaint I have is that some of the attachments do not stay on the pole well. The hole in some attachments must be a little bigger on some than others. If you push them on hard enough they will stay long enough to get done what you need to do!

Archie R.
Definitely worth the money

I bought this because I have flower horns and they bite. It works awesome and does everything I wanted it too and more. How could this be improved... interchangeable pads and a water release for the rod? But for the price I paid, I don't mind water running down my arm one bit.

Angel J.
Exactly what I needed

I've been an amateur aquarist for many, many years. I grew tired of rolling up my sleeve and getting my entire arm went to replant something for scrap off some algae. This solves that problem. It would be nice if there were some basic directions included, but for the price, I don't mind muddling around a bit to figure out the attachments. Everything works as expected. The bottom part of the handle does fill up with water when you are working with it, but I now know to drain it while holding it over the tank. Not really a big deal. I would buy this again. I think it's a good deal.

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CleanBox 5-in-1 Multi-function Aquarium/Fish Tank Cleaning Tool