Puol CO2 Drop Checker Valve for Aquarium Plant Tank & Fish Tank



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Sabrina P.
Great product :-)

I just received this CO2 Diffuser and I'm super impressed, I really expected the super tiny almost none existent bubbles. It really looks like mist going in the water. I am really glad I got this. The one thing is that the 2 suction cups were missing in my order :-( but I'm sure it is just a simple mistake and hopefully, I get them soon. Overall great product, really excited to see the results on my high tech planted tank.

Jane S.

Purchased both the spiral diffuser and a few check valves and all work as intended. I hooked everything up to the test yesterday. The microbubbles out of the diffuser were as good as anything else I've ever used. I connected it for about 15 minutes and had a fine Co2 mist swirling around immediately. Soaking in the water right now and after about 10 hours, it's about halfway full of water. Check valves worked the right way and stopped the Co2 when I flipped them around. Would definitely buy again

Damiel S.
Great for the money.

Great diffuser for the aquarium hobbyist. Small bubble size, and works roughly as a bubble counter as well. Plants have been growing amazing since I added the CO2 system. Not nearly as pricey as some of the other diffusers out there, and it's pretty easy to hide behind plants or hardscape if you wish.

Kelly H.
Works as advertised

At first, I thought it was not working properly. I tried blowing through this and it seemed not to be working (and yes I was blowing in the correct direction). Then I installed a cheap check valve in my CO2 system and all it did was leak because of the pressure. So I went ahead and tried this check valve and it works perfectly with no leaks. I guess you need to have it under more pressure than just trying to blow through it.

Melody E.
Works great. Needs a check valve

Works great! It takes my set up about 5-10 minutes to build up enough pressure to begin dispersing with the regulator at 1.5bps. But once the pressure builds up it works exactly as described! I would definitely recommend placing a check valve at the top of the tank because this diffuser will flood back with water when no co2 is present. Has yet to be an issue but just wanted to mention it.

Lester H.
Small is better in everyway

Forget the full-length CO2 diffusers. They cost more, they don't fit on the side of the standard black rim tank (who designs these things?) and they break just from putting the tube on. These mini half ones are significantly better as they attribute to none of these things. They also can be hidden much easier than your full-length co2 diffuser. I highly recommend for the planted tank!

Adrian D.
So far looks accurate.

Very happy with the product. I'm setting up a new 55 gal planted tank and I suspected my inline co2 reactor was faulty. This solution was remaining blue after running the reactor for over 24 hours. I removed the reactor and added a co2 diffuser (I could then physically see the co2 entering the tank). The included solution promptly changed from blue to green, then to light yellow. I saw that too much co2 was being added. After reducing the co2 a little, the solution went back to green. So far looks like a great product.

Anthony P.
Great drop checker, sturdy and at a great price!

This drop checker is all you ever need to check on your C02!!! Can't get any better!!! Easy to fill (5-8 drops is all you need) I've seen pictures where people just fill it up to the top, that's wrong, it needs surface area to interact with the C02 and get a proper reading. I change it once a week to make sure it's on optimal conditions. If you have C02 (pressured or DIY) get one of these!!! It's more solid than it looks and the suction cup holds really good!!!

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