Puol CO2 Indicator Solution for Aquarium Plant Tank & Fish Tank



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Lance S.
The color is much more saturated and visible

The color is much more saturated and visible than what I was using before. More accurate too.

Steve L.
No mixing and no guessing

Simply add the required amount of drops to your drop checker. Give it about 2 hours for the color to change and adjust if necessary. Way better than those other products that require the mixing of two chemicals. Works as it should.

Mike S.
Great buy

I have been using this indicator for my high tech and low tech aquariums, this is cheap and does exactly what it says. I have absolutely no problems with it.

Jasmin C.
So convenient!

No more trying to guess if my aquarium water is working and with the correct Co2 level. This is so much easier to use and I feel like I'm getting a more accurate reading.

Bella B.
Work as expected.

Work as expected for me who only wants to know that my CO2 level will not harm my fish and does not want to spend a fortune. Once I find the right settings for my CO2 regulator, I will probably stop using it as it will be no longer necessary.

Kelly H.
Good quality

Good quality products. I used this in my planted tank and it worked well.

Ashton B.
Simple, reliable PH test at a glance...

About as basic as it gets, but seems to be a reliable indicator of approximate PH. When it goes blue I increase CO2 level, if it goes too pale green I decrease CO2. Saves a lot of PH testing with a kit, though I sometimes use the kit to double-check/confirm the drop checker reading. So far so good, no disparity between the two. Just keep in mind this is a general assessment, I consider it an early warning system I can glance at versus a detailed reading.

Sabrina P.
Absolutely brilliant!

An absolute must for serious aquarium lovers. It not only makes tracking co2 level super easy but by implication, it also assures you of the PH level and KH level. Having green color means all three readings: co2, pH, and kh, are at optimum level.

With this indicator, I no longer have to measure pH and KH all the time with different products. Brilliant!

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Puol CO2 Indicator Solution for Aquarium Plant Tank & Fish Tank