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Lesley L.
Lives up to the hype

I decided to try to mask this based on the insanely high customer rating and affordable price just to see if it would live up to the hype. I just finished washing it off my face and I have to say I do see a difference, albeit not a dramatic one. I have enlarged pores in my t-zone and issues with blackheads around my chin and after one use my pores appear smaller and tighter and most of the smallest blackheads and bumps are gone from around my chin. I was impressed, but I think with regular use it might make an even bigger difference - maybe a couple times a week. Oh yeah - it's also really fun to watch and feel the bubbles foaming up on your face!

A couple notes:
1. I wore vinyl gloves and used the included spatula to apply the mask to try to avoid contaminating the rest of the product.
2. It was harder to wash off than I expected. The foam forms on the surface of the mask, but underneath it's still thick and creamy. I used a washcloth to help ensure I removed it thoroughly.
3. You'll likely want to use a moisturizer after having washed off the mask as it leaves your skin feeling a little tight.

Jessa B.
It works!!

This Carbonated Bubble Clay mask was a lot of fun to use! The consistency was a little runny for my liking but not bad at all! As the mask began to bubble I could feel it working it’s magic on my face. One thing I did notice was my skin began to itch but only lasted a few seconds! I did love that after using the mask my pores were opened and allowed for easier extraction of any dirt in my pores! I wish the paddle was a better quality for applying the mask, the silicone easily came off the handle. I would have preferred if it was made of silicone entirely with a rounded end! However, a great product for the price!!

Susan T.
Cleans well!

I will admit I was a little meh with the price when I first saw it. The amount that you use to put on your face this container will quite last awhile! After it starts bubbling? foaming? (I'm not sure the accurate term to use) you can feel it and it does itch a little but not so bad that you can't handle it. My face felt very clean and smooth after using it. This would be a great stocking stuffer for preteens, teens, and adults. I wouldn't say this is a unisex product as men may not like the scent but it's not overpowering and the scent seemed to go away after washing it off so maybe it could be?! All in all I'm very happy I purchased this and will be making future purchases!

Kent L.
Everyone needs this in their life.

I've never written an actual review for a product but I had to take a moment for this. This is simply amazing. When I first opened it after skimming the instructions I was a little disappointed by the size. Surely this isn't enough to last... but I soldiered on, applying little dabs with the convenience paddle. I discovered a little goes a VERY long way. I let it settle for five minutes and it began to bubble! I looked like a little gray pig, oink. Massaged with tepid water then rinsed well and wow! Pores unclogged and skin baby soft. I use products more expensive than this little jar but it achieved and exceeded those same results! So impressed. My skin is oily t-zone and super sensitive. Did not overly dry my skin or irritate at all!!

Caroline D.
Amazing blackhead remover & pore shrinker

This mask is seriously awesome. I got it after researching the best exfoliating masks. I don’t have a ton of blackheads but I do get buildup from dry skin in my pores and if I don’t regularly exfoliate I can get breakouts. Since I can’t get a facial right now, I decided to try this. I was really surprised by how well this worked. It feels really nice when you put it on, cool and rubbery almost. Then the fun starts! It will bubble a bit but leave it on until the bubbles get REALLY big - I’m talking like an inch thick of bubbles across your face! You will look like a muppet. I then convinced my husband to try it on his nose where he has a lot of blackheads and I wish I could share the before/after pictures but he’d get mad at me! His blackheads came out substantially and his pores were so much smaller afterward. Seriously he was in deep need of this. Even he admitted it looked better. I believe the more blackheads/oil buildup you have the more bubbly it will feel, as he complained about how itchy it was when it was going and it really didn’t bother me at all. But just know that means it's working. I had very small blackheads that had been around for a while but my pores are so small I didn’t want to mess with them. Well, after this mask I pushed both out easily and quickly and with no redness or issues. So even for that it got them loosened up. I love this mask!

Jeffrey B.
Will buy again!

Honestly, I don't know enough about face products to give it a 5. But i will say, i think it works and i love it! The carbonation makes it feel like it's doing something!

Matilda G.
Great product for the money

I'm very happy with this purchase, it arrived on time, had the bonus brush/spackle tool was reasonably priced and pretty much does everything they claim it can do.

Hani V.
The best mask I've ever used

I've been buying this mask for a little over a year now, and can verify that it is totally worth the hype. I have relatively dry skin, but while I never had acne when I was younger, I quit hormonal birth control a few years ago and since then have started breaking out shortly after ovulation. I tried many more expensive masks, but I also have very sensitive skin, and previous products either left me itchy and irritated or had no effect. This mask has completely cured all of my skin problems, however. If I remember to put it on the night I think I've ovulated, I have zero zits, and if I forget and some start to show up, I do the mask and the zits have significantly retreated by the next morning. I only need to use it a few times a month so it takes me several months to go through a jar. I would pay four times more for this product if I had to!

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