Zuen 24k Gold Collagen Peel-off Whitening Facial Mask | Anti-Wrinkle Face Masks Firming Moisturizer



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Leah S.
Great mask!

Such a good mask! Made my skin very soft and velvety to the touch. Perfect for when you need quick skin fix up before night out. I wore it for 20 min instead of recommended 30 though. Easy to peel, but make sure to put a thick layer (as with any peel-off mask). I put serum right after and voila my skin is looking like I spend an hour at the facial appointment.

Lady L.
Fantastic product!

I purchased this for myself. Great product! I received this as part of my birthday present last year and LOVED it. It really does what it says. I just received my order on Saturday and immediately used it for the first time yesterday. My skin feels so smooth and visibly firm after just one use. I love this product. Highly recommend!

Maui D.
Works well and easier to use with brush!

I bought this not knowing what to expect, but I love how shiny my skin looks now. I am only 33 so I really bought it for the cleansing part. Highly recommended!

Katrina R.
This is a wonderful product, that when peeled off leave my face soft

This is a wonderful product, that when peeled off leaving my face so incredibly soft!!!
It does brighten my face, MOST importantly, my facial lines are seriously fading!!!! 😳🙃😳
Also, for me, this has tightened up my face!!!
I cannot express or say enough about this wonderful Godsend face mask!!!
All I can tell you is you will have to try this. I WILL be getting more VERY SOON.

Kimberly H.
A good kind of pain

Hurts sooo good lol peeling it off hurts worse than any black mask lol but my face is sooooooo smooth and all of my dead skin and a lot of blackheads are long gone! Love it!! Definitely not for everyday use, but totally worth it!

Penelope C.
I love this product

I love this product! After removing the mask, I used a serum and a moisturizer. You could just feel everything soaking in. My skin looks better than after an expensive facial. I do not recommend putting it anywhere near you under eye area. That area is very sensitive when pulling the mask off. I only went up to the high cheekbone. I highly recommend this product!

Cynthia W.

This mask leaves your face baby soft, firm,& brighter.
You have to take your time to put enough of the mask on.
You will not look like the girl on the box .. Your face will look sparkly, but not gold. I will purchase it again.

Lucy J.
Works great

Excellent mask. You must put it black cap side down or you will not get gold collagen. When I tried the first time, it wasn't a gold color. The second time the next day. After I left it standing up. It worked great. My skin is so soft and nice.

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Zuen 24k Gold Collagen Peel-off Whitening Facial Mask | Anti-Wrinkle Face Masks Firming Moisturizer