SurePet Collapsible Dog Bowl, Portable Foldable Expandable Food & Water Cup Dish for Pet Dog & Cat

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Melody E.
Awesome for Traveling with Animals

I purchased these about 6 months ago prior to my husband and I moving across country. We moved from Nevada to Massachusetts, which is an all-day travel endeavor. We attached one collapsible bowl each to our cats' carriers and used them during our layover. They popped out easily and were perfect for mixing dehydrated food with water. I liked that there were different levels to pop them out at; the smallest was best for our kitties, and I'm sure the full extension would be better for large dog breeds. The collapsible containers cleaned easily and were ready to be stored once again for travel.

Jackson J.
Great bowls for our big guy!

We keep one of these in each of our vehicles, along with a few bottles of water on hand, for our 80-pound lab/shep mix. I tell you the size of the dog so you understand that these relatively smaller bowls hold plenty of water and we give him some, then a bit more, and so on until he's had his fill. Then we collapse the bowl and tuck it into a nice small cubby in the vehicle until next time. It's always out of the way, yet handy for whenever we need it. The clasp makes it mobile, so if we go for a walk or hike we can simply attach it to a belt loop or backpack. Great product. Well made, it's going to last for years as our first one has done.

Chad S.
Great price and great quality

Great price and great quality! It's a pretty small bowl, but it's perfect for travel and our small Dachshund. We tested it and the product holds the same amount of food and water as described. The rubber is really durable and prevents the bowl from slipping on the ground. The bowls came plastic wraps and they're pretty easy to clean. Would recommend!

Lindsay W.
Great travel bowl find

I got this to leave in my car as a portable bowl for my dog. I always carry water with me but forget he can't drink out of the container! This collapsible bowl is perfect. It folds very flat and fits in my glove compartment or center arm console. Very simple to open, stays up, and easy for my dog to drink out of it. Dumping out or cleaning is very simple also.

Pamela M.
Excellent product

These are small but hold my dog's regular 2-scoop meal and about a cup of water. They are great - collapsible, easy to clean, and don't seem to have an off taste. Although I have to admit, my dog is not a picky eater. We keep them in the door of the car so he'll have water when we take him somewhere. We first took the clips off because we didn't need them in the car, but when we went hiking they were nice to have to attach the bowls to our backpacks.

Bonna S.
Handy little dog bowl

These are exactly as promised. I actually bought two sets. I have one clipped to each of my crates and X-pen and one hooked to my daypack. They are fairly sturdy and hold a decent amount of water. My dog might drink one of these down every hour, but this way I always at least have a water/food dish if I need it. The only problem and this is my problem of not reading as well as I could, is that these are smaller than I thought they'd be. But for the price and for the situation, they work perfectly.

Robin P.
Works for what I need

These bowls are exactly what I was looking for. As others have said, they are small, but that’s what I needed. I have two 15 pound dogs and I attach one of these bowls to my waist pack with the included carabineer when we go for walks. I just wanted to be able to give my dogs a small drink of water on long walks and these bowls are the perfect size for that. I don’t need a large bowl that will waste more water. These are also really nice quality.

Jessica A.

These are sturdy and hold up great! I use them in my Doggie Field Trip business. The previous ones I ordered were flimsy and broke easily. These are holding up wonderfully! Now if I could just stop losing them. But at least they are a great deal compared to buying in pet stores.

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SurePet Collapsible Dog Bowl, Portable Foldable Expandable Food & Water Cup Dish for Pet Dog & Cat