CCClub Rubber Broom Carpet Sweeper with Squeegee Adjustable Long Handle, Blue



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Steffany N.
Five stars

Best broom ever. Perfect for dog owners and I have five.

Amber M.
Useful but not effortless

We have a Bernese mountain dog who sheds like crazy and a medium-haired cat, so out vacuum cleaner gets clogged very often. We purchased this to try and eliminate the amount of fur our vacuum cleaner was sucking up so we didn't have to disassemble it so often. This does work for picking up fur, even on carpet. However it is definitely not effortless to use on carpet, it takes a lot time and you need to use a fair amount of pressure to sweep it up. I prefer to use the squeegee side on the carpet because despite our dogs fur does stick to the bristles. So if I sweep the carpet with the bristles the fur sometimes gets redeposited on the carpet. This may not be an issue with dogs who have different coat types.

Amy B.

I cannot say enough how AMAZING this product is! We have a black lab, yellow lab (who sheds like its her job) and 4 rescue kitties and it’s been impossible to keep up with the fur UNTIL NOW!!! It grabs every single fur and fluff, kitty litter, dirt and dust and keeps it tight and low to the ground with practically no fly always. Literally a life changer.

Sarah W.
Just Like the Furminator

If you own a furminator for your pet you know how the brush draws fur into a neat little line that is relatively easy to clean up once you use the release on the brush. This broom does the same thing, it gathers the flush and fur and dust into a manageable little line, keeps it out of the air and the width of it makes most rooms a fairly quick sweep. It's a little clunky and unmanageable when it's time to use the dust pan but it's made managing the fur situation in my husky home MUCH easier.

Michelle L.
Eerrmmm where has this been all my life!

I have two cats that shed on my rugs and it looks really nasty. I've tried vacuuming but I ain't got time to take the vacuum out everyday, different lint rollers etc. I thought about buying a Dyson but it's so expensive and the reviews regarding cat hair aren't too good. So I bought this. At first I thought it was garbage, couldn't extend the handle and had pretty much wrote it off. It smelled rubbery. So I came back to read the reviews here, and I thought I need to try again. You do have to figure out the best technique to use, I did deep slow drags and I kid you not it collected rolls of hair. Gross. But amazing! I haven't been paid to write this. It's a straight up honest review. If pet hair is ruining your life get one of these!!
I'll update if things go poorly as time goes on. But, for first go I got a rake load of hair up!

Mary G.
Decent product

Used this for getting dog hair out of carpet ... worked very well .. seems sturdy .. a bit of a work out required .. but worth it .

Elise V.R.
Sturdy but lightweight

A great broom, for our copious amounts
of cat hair! especially handy for storage as it collapses well, whilst still maintaining stability.
Also brilliant customer service.
Can highly recommend.

Janet G.
Amazing broom if you have huskies !

This broom is amazing , I have 2 huskies who are shedding at the moment . wish I’d known about it before !! The amount of hair I have swept up , the broom doesn’t fluff it everywhere , keeps it in one place . Well worth the money

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