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Diane W.
Worked for cystic acne!

I'm in my late 30's and had horrible cystic acne all along my jawline for several years. I tried so many products and supplements and nothing worked. This product has cleared my face completely of cystic acne. I've been using it for about a year now and I have 3 extra bottles on hand in case they ever stop making this! Also fine lines are hardly noticeable. Very satisfied with this product! Thank you!!!

Princess Q.
Holy grail!

I let my face go and was looking for a fix to help me rehabilitate my re-concerning problem areas and this serum is a masterful miracle! I was originally going to do a before and after picture and this is only my 3rd day using the serum and already I see a HUGE difference (and I did not expect such a drastic change so soon). My face was very congested, littered with milia, and blackheads have always been a haunting problem, yet here I am in day 3 with a visibly clearer and smoother face. I've had no irritation (even in following up my microdermabrasion treatment with the serum) and the only "negative" would be the smell. It's no appealing (kind of like licorice) but it dissipates after 3-5 seconds of application and there is no lingering smell. This is my holy grail and I will forever keep this in my arsenal. It is currently a brutal winter and my face tends to suffer on the dry side during this time (normally combo/oily in winter combo/dry) this serum isn't drying me out one bit which is another huge plus, if anything, it has helped normalize my oil production. So, I'm confident this is something I can utilize year-round under any moisturizer.

Sede T.
Great product, great price, actually works well

Nervous to try because it was an inexpensive product from a company I knew nothing about. It's hard to find which companies are offering good products, without gimics or talking points. I feel like this company is legit. Used the serum for 3 months, and I use it in combination with dermarolling 1-3x a week. Skin feels AMAZING after application, especially the next morning. Very clear complexion, smooth texture, brightening effect. I ordered this specific product because it was an all-in-one, and so far it's worked very well. I'm about to order another bottle.

Marian D.
had terrible hyper pigmentation left by cystic acne caused by PCOS

I had terrible hyperpigmentation left by cystic acne caused by PCOS. After giving up dairy and sugar, I needed something to help me with the purple marks left all along my jawline. I have been using vitamin C serums for almost two years now and I find that this is my favorite. I have no more purple marks along my jaw and I have noticed that other forms of hyperpigmentation (like melasma) are slowly going away. It is imperative that you use a decent sunscreen and also a good moisturizer with this

Gabby B.
Healing stubborn cystic acne

Holy Grail!! My skin is clear for the first time in 20 years. This is so amazing. If they discontinue this product or change the formula, I will be heartbroken. This has seriously changed my life. The old spots are even fading and I hardly use any makeup at all now. At this price, even if you e tried everything else and failed, give this serum a chance!

Jolie L.
Wow, surprised at how well it worked

I didn't have high hopes. I'm 45 and have decent normal skin but have slight wrinkling on my forehead and slight crow's feet around my eyes. I was hoping for something to help with skin rejuvenation so it can fix itself. This has worked well for that. I wasn't expecting a miracle. I have softer and smoother skin and I feel like my skin is not as dull. The wrinkles didn't disappear, of course they didn't. But they are softer so they don't look as harsh to me. I will buy again, I want to try the peptides. I have not had any dryness either because of this and I use it at night.

Barbara J.
I have new skin!

This product, in conjunction with a little regime change, has changed my skin completely. I am 38, very fair complected, with sensitive combination skin that has been acne-prone since I was a teenager. Now I can’t even remember the last time I broke out, and former acne scars have started to fade considerably! I have been using this for months now, I am easily on my fourth bottle. It can tingle/sting slightly for a few moments, but I find that fades very quickly and is an incredibly tolerable discomfort given the benefits. I follow with a BB cream to moisturize and even out tones a bit, and I am good to go! People have always placed me younger than my age, but now I am getting shocked looks when I confess my age to people who thought I was a decade younger! Awesome serum, I use it as the base foundation ...

Melissa R.
Awesome serum, I use it as the base foundation ...

Awesome serum, I use it as the base foundation before applying other creams or moisturizers before going to bed and it works wonders for skin tone.

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