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Jessica A.
Quality product with intuitive operation

This was the first diffuser I ventured to purchase and I had a number of minor concerns going in. I was surprised with the quality of it when I received it, fearing somewhat that the faux wood grain would be "cheap" or ugly - it is not. This is very easy to clean and it operates intuitively. This diffuser is also extremely quiet. Very easy to set the light colors you want (if any) or a cycle of colors. Overall, I am very pleased with this and enjoy having it in the house. It truly adds to a peaceful ambiance. This is a worthwhile investment.

Amber M.
Wish I was sponsored for my opinion

I absolutely love this diffuser! It's my first one ever and I'm in love! The colors are so bright but not over powering. It's very cool that u can switch up to 7 colors. My daughters favorite part. My favorite part about this, is it's size and the fact it has two different power modes for spraying. Or misting I should say. I'm pleasantly surprised by how great this is especially for the price. The only thing I wish it had better, was the warranty. Some machines have lifetime warranties that are even more inexpensive then this one and work just as great. This one only has a year warranty. Other then that I'm loving this machine! It's so quiet u don't even hear it! Unless ur face is right in front of it then course the mist. But no sound from the motor running which is great cause I use it at night in the bedroom. I'd like to actually get another one for my main living space.

Amy B.
Love it

Love it
After trying a few different diffusers, I found this is my favorite. I use it with lavender oil and it lasts most of the night. I've noticed I sleep much better since using it! I love the different colors and that you can turn the colors off when it's time to sleep. It's very easy to use and clean. Unlike some of the other ones, I haven't had issues with it breaking or not working anymore out of the blue. It is quiet and I can't even tell it's on. When it turns off in the middle of the night I found out it does beep. That's never woken me up before but that would be an issue if you are very sensitive to sound! I would recommend this!

Michelle L.
Good for Aromatherapy, but Use a Towel

Bought this as my first diffuser in hopes of making my room smell fresh. Overall, I have been satisfied. After over a week it has worked great spreading the scent of various essential oils.
The only significant issue is that it does expel slightly more than the fine mist. Occasional little drops of water will come out which over time leaves a very small puddle outside the diffuser. This has required me to place a small towel for it to sit on to not damage the table it is on. Other than that it is a solid buy.

Bonna S.

Wonderful product. When I first got into essential oils I used Young Living which is VERY expensive. I am a student so I cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars on essential oils and a diffuser. I decided to try this product out and it works wonderfully. The mist comes out very well with good pressure. The oils mix wonderfully with the water you add in and fill the room with wonderful aromas. I use OnePure essential oils with this diffuser. Great product. The changing, multicolor lights is a step up from Forest Mist.

This product came damaged the first time but it was not the sellers doing. It looked like someone along the way was curious and opened the package up. I contacted the seller and they were VERY accommodating. I told them about the issue and they sent me a new one right away.

Eli M.
Love this

First of all the diffuser looks really cool, but most importantly, it works right out of the box. The directions are simple -- just add water, a few drops of your favorite oil, and press the button. There are several operating options that make the experience wonderful. You can use it with or without the lights. You can allow it to cycle through the different lights or select the one you like best. Most importantly these lights are VERY soft and unobtrusive. You set how long you want the diffuser to run and it automatically shuts itself off. The mist is light and does not soak your furniture and floor like some of the grocery store diffusers do. But you can definitely catch the pleasant scent wafting through the room. It is lovely and light, no headache from too much scent. I am so pleased with this purchase and I can recommend it without hesitation.

Steffany N.
I love this thing

I love this thing. The mist is very much so present in a mid-size living room without being too overpowering. Placing this into a bedroom or bathroom or other smaller space will have the room completely filled with whatever scent you choose (Marshall's/Ross/TJ Maxx have tons of essential oils at great prices, if you cant find them on here/don't want to wait, btw=). The LED color-switching function is nice, especially at night, but not necessary. Just as great at removing lingering odors from cooking as it is for relaxation/setting a mood. Great price point here, as well, and well worth the investment!

Sarah W.
The Little Diffuser that Could!

Love this diffuser! I packed it with me on a work trip to Las Vegas, and was able to use the lemon and tea tree oils to disenfect and deodorize my hotel room of that smell of horrid smoke and questionable activities that you can only find in Vegas. Normally when I travel I get sick, develop allergies, or at least wake up stuffy, but with this little miracle worker I was the only person on my team who didn't get sick that week! It's small enough to be portable, but big enough to last 10+ hours when I have it on continuous mist. Super easy to clean, gives off great aromas, and keeps my nose, throat and skin hydrated through the night. It's a winner all around!

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