Himidic Aroma Diffuser USB Air Humidifier Water Type Wood Essential Oil Aromatherapy Machine



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Katrina R.
Love it.

This is my first ‘powered’ infuser. It is better than I’d expected. I also bought a selection of organic essential oils, but have settled on lavender (calming), and bergamot. The mist output is of incredibly fine particle size, enameling it to float a bit, which I think enhances the scent disbursal, and also avoids any ‘pooling’ of moisture. The mist is cool, so no risk of burning. The large capacity means I get a lot of hours between replenishing the water reservoir. I do find that the oil dissipates, and I add more as needed. Mine shut off automatically when the water was too low (hurrah!). Added benefit: my face feels less dry lately, and I’d guess the added ambient moisture in the air, from this diffuser, may be guilty of helping my skin. And...it is silent. Yes. I am a fan of this item. Absolutely.

Leah S.
Love it! But delicate

Absolutely love my diffuser! So easy to out together and love the lights. It diffuses the oils very efficiently throughout my living and dining area. I am very careful with it though because I can see what others say about the coating being delicate and may chip easily. I bought my mom the same one for her birthday and she absolutely loves it too!

Avery C.

I love this diffuser. Set up was super easy. Literally plug it in, add water and oils and turn it on. That's it. You can opt to turn the lights completely off and just use the mist or change the colors from rotating to a single color of your choice. I love the sleek wood design, too. It has a timer so you can set it and forget it. And it arrived super fast! I just may have to replace my old one in my room for another one of these.

Chenny P.
Love It

I love my that my buddy ordered for me and I was skeptical but finally caved in. I glad I gave in. I even ordered another one for one of my buddies for Christmas this year but giving it tp her early so she can enjoy the benefits from it. My hearing is not like it use to be but still can hear the water percolating. I definitely recommend this to others.

Aurora S.
Working fine

I don't think this diffuser is noisy at all, unless you can't have a pin drop while you sleep. The beep to let you know it shut off is helpful. I've had zero issues with it for 3 months. Just keep it clean as instructed. Puts out a fair amount of steam, it fills my living room fine but you'd need more than one for a a large open area. I do like being able to turn off the light and the settings for time are great. Easy to operate.

Arrah G.
Great product! 👍🏻

So pretty and perfect for the living room!
I have a diffuser in this brand in the tall slim size and it’s garbage, so I was a little hesitant on this one. However I have to say it works amazing and I have no complaints. It smells up my living room area perfectly and looks gorgeous where it’s placed. I definitely recommend this product and would buy again!

Julius W.
Beautiful look and functionality

Works great as a diffuser for a large bedroom. You will notice a change in the humidity as well, although if you are primarily wanting a humidifier and aren’t going to keep this within five feet of your bed I would probably recommend something that is labeled as one.

I was able to run this through an entire night’s sleep without needing to add more water or seeing it auto-shut off because it was getting too low.

I recommend using distilled water and just small number of essential oil drops in the product if you can.

Kimberly H.
In love

I’m obsessed with this diffuser & so is everybody else in my household or that comes over. My kids & guests are always asking to turn it on & pick the fregrance. I bought this because I have multiple animals and now my house always smells amazing!! Make sure to rinse it out every 3 uses so that the smells of the oils don’t all mix. I have no complaints of this product & I will definately be buying more for my household. I have high volted ceilings in my house and this diffuser works immediately and fills up the whole living room or wherever I have it within 10 minutes. The first couple times I used it I was putting way too much oil so it was too strong. Now I put the perfect amount and love using this as a nightlight as well with the various lights it has on it! Happy customer !!!

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