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Aira C.
Very good molds and very easy to use over and over

Very good molds and very easy to use over and over, just tap mold with a wooden spoon handle and twist easily to remove then reuse. Don't use metal to tap (unless you do it very very softly) because it will scratch or dent the mold. Ordered these to help my daughter make some bath bombs.

Jamaica G.
If you're having trouble, omit cornstarch.

I was so close to giving these 3 stars when I noticed it was a problem with my bath bomb recipe and not the molds!!

Tip: If you're having problems getting your bomb out of the mold, try using a recipe without cornstarch.

Bath bombs stick a lot better where they're supposed to when you have a recipe without cornstarch. I noticed with the cornstarch recipe my bath bombs stuck to the mold, but not to one another. This was a big problem. Once I omit the cornstarch I was able to make beautiful bombs that had halves that stuck to one another, but we're not hard to retrieve from the inside of the mold.


Virginia L.
Great Product

These molds worked perfectly. I overstuffed with my bath bomb mixture, then pressed them together and twisted all the excess out from the edges. I put them on a tray in the freezer for 10 minutes just to harden up. They came out of the mold very easily. Don't bang them around too much as they are only aluminum and will dent easily.

Christopher W.
Great for making bath bombs at home.

My first thoughts when opening the package was "They don't clip together!" but after making the bath bomb, I realized it didn't matter. You can take the bath bomb out of the mold within a minute of pressing it together.

The product makes a reasonably sized bath bomb that doesn't feel overly large, or small.

I sprayed the inside of the mold with olive oil before pressing the mixture and had no issues with sticking the way some people did in their reviews.

Finally, This would NOT be useful if you are looking to make large quantities frequently. I made six to surprise my girlfriend with a "Homemade" anniversary gift, and it took about 45 minutes. (She loved them!) Great idea for you guys out there that wants to do something nice for your significant other.

Karla G.
Great deal for personal or gifting bath bomb creation!

These are perfect for personal or gifting use! The metal is thick enough that they don't easily dent or ding but if you squeeze them hard enough, they will. If you live in a particularly humid climate or are prone to over dampening your mix, I'd leave them to dry in the molds overnight as opposed to just a few minutes. Otherwise, they react a bit and don't look as perfect as those from the store. Rubber bands will help them stay together. Great deal for a solid product!

Mae P.
Great for bath bombs!

These worked great for bath bombs. I learned not to pack them too tight and to make sure the mixture isn't too wet, or there can be some issues with sticking, but once I got the recipe right and made sure not to pack too tight they worked beautifully. I also recommend gently tapping on each side with the end of a metal spoon before trying to remove them, just to loosen the bath bomb from the mold a bit.

Rose H.
Work as expected

I bought these to try making my own bath bombs. There's a trick to making these. The first time I made them they came out, the second time I did not put enough moisture in the mix. I don't see this a product problem, but rather as user error. It is a fun thing to do and I've been enjoying the final product.

Mark W.
Makes beautiful bath bombs!

These molds are fantastic, I tried making bath bombs with plastic molds first (very unsuccessfully) and switched to these hoping for better results. They didn’t disappoint, the trick is to remove the top mold and let them harden for a few hours with the bottom half still on the bomb. Then lightly tap with a metal spoon to gently release from the bottom mold. I used a very simple recipe which I tweaked a little by changing water to witch hazel at the advice of a friend.

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