Tipine 8 pcs Aluminum Ergonomic Crochet Needles with Colorful Soft Rubber Grip Cushioned Handles



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Olivia C.
Good set at a great price.

I bought these for my grandson in-law for Christmas. At Thanksgiving he surprised me when he bought yarn and a hook for himself and asked me to teach him to crochet. He learned very quickly and loves it. He was making a scarf for his mom as his first project. Great beginners set. Also good for experienced crocheters.

Amor P.

I received this hook set today and of course had to immediately try them out. They are amazing. Very light weight so it feels like I'm not holding anything. I love the thumb grip on the handle, it keeps from the hook slipping out of my hand. And the length of the hook is longer than any other hook I have. I fell in love with these immediately!

Veron L.
Last hooks I'll ever need!!

I love these crochet hooks! So comfortable, my hands don't hurt anymore even after hours of crocheting. Smooth hooks don't snag the yarn. Long handles are fabulous. Great value too.

Cherry S.
Bought by a happy mistake

I bought it and changed my mind. It was too late. Opened it up and loved it. There is a LOT of goodies besides the hooks. I highly recommend getting it, whether you are a beginner (perfect) or a seasoned crocheter (perfect) or whether you buy it by mistake.

Jasmin C.
No more aching

After finishing a blanket for my grandson, my hand was hurting so bad. I knew I had to do something. So I ordered these. I've been using these for several days and no more aching hands. I would HIGHLY recommend these. My only issue is the bad need to be a little larger.

Bella B.
They are nice for your wrists

At first the length was getting in the way of my yarn, but after using Only these hooks for a few days, I noticed my wrist does not ach.
The flat and ribbed parts of the hook help with grip.
If you are like me and have hands that tire or tend to cramp from crocheting, try these hooks. They allow your wrist to rest because of the Long handle.
However the crochet hook(steel part) is pretty loose. I am hoping it doesn't fall off.

Kelly H.
Great hooks!

I received my crochet hooks today and I love them. I have arthritis in my hands and thought I was through with finer crocheted items. These hooks are perfect. The hooks are clearly marked with the size of the hook. I am well pleased with this purchase.

Ashton B.
Love these hooks

I just got these in the mail yesterday and I already love them. They are very comfortable to use and they glide through the yarn. My intent was to keep them in the car for those times when I forget to pack my everyday hooks but I think I’ll be using every day now. I think I’m going to order another set to keep at home. Very much worth the money.

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Tipine 8 pcs Aluminum Ergonomic Crochet Needles with Colorful Soft Rubber Grip Cushioned Handles