BodyCircuit Crossfit Jump Rope | Adjustable and Tangle-Free with Metal Handle and Cable

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Cory D.
A great speed jump rope...for single or double unders!

This jump rope is a great space and costs effective for working out at home, as so many people are working from home now. Even though many of us haven't used a jump rope since elementary school, there is a reason that boxers and others use it for exercise. It really gets your heart-rate up and requires a lot of agility and practice. This jump rope rotates very effectively, as well as having great adjustment for different lengths make a big difference. Having a jump rope that is too long or too short makes it extremely difficult, so this adjustability is critical. The handles on these are narrow but have a thicker portion at the end, so they are very comfortable.

Chenny P.
Adjustable length!

This product has some great design elements, from the construction of the rope to the handlebars. However, the one that stands out the most is the adjustment feature. None of my previous jump ropes had that. It either happened to be the perfect length or I had to cut and tie the ends. Since you can easily adjust the length, it’s perfect for anyone using or when training in a group.

Avery C.
Easy to use!

I am not a jump roper, but during this quarantine time, I started exercising more and wanted to add jump roping to my workout. I bought a jump rope from another company and it was not easy to find a rhythm, which deterred me from practicing and improving my skills. I decided to try one more jump rope and bought this rope from BodyCircuit. I love it! Here are the reasons why:
1. It's fast and easy to adjust - my partner is 5'10" and I'm 5' 6", so we can both use it.
2. It moves smoothly by making it easier to be successful.
3. The project looks nice and sleek.

Melissa R.
Get Jumpin!

Jumping rope is a great form of cardio... don't knock it til you try it! But learning how to do double unders can be frustrating unless you have the right rope. This rope is perfect for that transition! The rope is a little thicker so learning to do DUs is easier. One thing I absolutely love about this rope is the versatility of sizing it. The mechanism to change the length is super easy so adjusting it is simple. You don’t need any tools to do it. The bearings are really smooth too. Swings well without any catches.

Erick S.
Good jump rope for the price

This jump rope arrived a couple of days ago and I have been using it since then. Having put the jump rope through a few workout sessions, I have found that to be a decent built. The rope itself is a decent weight which is one of the most important aspects for me as I fall into a beginner-intermediate intense workout category and the weight of the rope makes big difference if you use this for intense cardio.
One of the things I was not impressed is the rope holding screws on both handles. As I started using, the screws were not holding the rope in place which is causing the length to increase while jumping. could be just this unit issue. Overall very satisfied.

Barbara J.
Super lightweight jump rope great for beginners

I’ve never used a speed rope before and am pretty much a jump rope novice but I was able to pick this rope up and do a quick workout after adjusting the length. It’s very light, moves freely, and—most importantly—doesn’t get tangled! I had forgotten what a good cardio workout you can get just from jumping rope. My 13-year-old has also used it and given it her seal of approval.

You could easily share this with someone of a different height, as the excess cable length doesn’t really get in the way, but I cut and capped mine. The cable is twisted/braided, so it won’t cut with a regular pair of scissors, but I was able to easily get a clean cut with a pair of wire cutters. A clean-cut is important, as strands will otherwise poke through the rubber caps. The caps are my only durability concern, as the handles, cable, and screws should all last for years, but, worst-case, I can always use some electrical tape or maybe even some wire caps if it comes to it.

Jolie L.
The rope is great for a beginner or travel rope for workouts to practice double unders

The handles of the rope are light in weight and hollow. For the weight and material of the handles, I was surprised at how smooth it is and the rope itself didn't get tangled. The rope itself is amazing! I wish I could move the rope to my speed handles! For the price, it is a good beginner adjustable rope. It is a very lightweight set of handles and rope. Make sure to tighten the screws after each session!

George R.
Awesome speed rope for the price!

This is an excellent speed rope. I’m pretty picky about my jump ropes. It took me over a year to learn double unders, and then I bought a pretty expensive jump rope that helped me become more efficient. But this BodyCircuit speed rope is really great for the price. It spins very smoothly (I was surprised actually), seems pretty durable, and I love that I can adjust the length of it without extra tools because the screw is big enough to turn with my fingers. I do have to make sure the screws are tight before a workout because one has come loose and flown off the jump rope while using. But I’ve had that happen with other ropes as well. Again, what’s nice about this rope is I can tighten the screw with my fingers and don’t need a tiny screwdriver like with other ropes.
Overall very pleased with this jump rope. Would highly recommend for anyone looking for their first speed rope, or even a veteran jumper wanting an extra rope.

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