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Therese W.
Leaves skin clear and bright

I have tried a lot of different beauty products, all at different price points. This peeling gel/face scrub is similar to luxury products but at a much cheaper price. It works great at exfoliating and brightening my face without any irritation whatsoever. It has a pleasant scent and it feels like I am pampering myself. My skin looks clearer and brighter after using it.

Nadine C.
Drastic Change of Opinion

OK, so I wasn't expecting this cleanser to be an actual cleanser that goes on your face and actually peels while you're massaging it into your skin. To be completely honest, I didn't read in detail the product's description when I ordered this and I assumed it would be the kind of face mask you apply to your face, let dry then peel off. Nope! The cleanser itself actually peels while you're massaging it in.

When I 1st tried this I was freaked out and grossed out because it looked messy and it was just unexpected. As I was massaging it in I was thinking in my mind “This is the weirdest thing I've ever experienced. This is so strange... I'm giving this one star." I watched it off and it came off easily and didn't make a mess like I had worried about.

Then... my drastic change in opinion came. When my face finished drying it felt very smooth, soft and rejuvenated. I wanted to hate this but I ended up loving it instead. I have used it a couple of times since and love it. It is deeply hydrating and leaves my skin feeling younger. This is an excellent cleanser, even if it is different! It deserves 5 stars.

Millicent A.

Wow, this stuff is amazing. I have always used an exfoliating product, mostly in the scrub dept. This is new to me, a thick liquid that is simply amazing. How could I have so many skin balls come off my face? My skin feels like a baby. Will buy again without a doubt.

Carol D.
Amazing Exfoliator

This stuff is just amazing. Leaves skin feeling so soft, smooth, and supple. Very GENTLE, 10/10 Highly recommend for all skin types, especially oily skin (I had a friend with dry skin try it and she loved it too)

Krisha G.
Will absolutely be buying again

I have used the product once and my boyfriend noticed a difference! He said not like your face wasn't great before... but it looks so much smoother and brighter. He even asked if I put makeup on!

Y'all add this to your cart NOW! You will not be disappointed.

Levi L.
Super gentle but super effective!

I was surprised at how much I love this product. It is amazingly gentle on my super sensitive skin but has really worked to remove the dullness that happens when very dry skin ages. Gentle enough I can use it every day and my cheeks are actually shining again! I will be ordering again.

Aira C.
My new favorite!

I had been using a much more expensive product and decided to try this. My son stopped by just after I had used it for the first time. I put some on his hand and he was stunned at how soft and smooth his skin was compared to his other hand. He ordered it too! I use it on my face, hands, and legs. Great product, really works and priced well.

Virginia L.
Works just as well as more expensive products

I bought this after my daughter bought a similar product for $50.00. I loved how smooth it made her face, so I wanted to buy it but didn’t want to pay so much, so I tried this instead. It works just as good! It truly rubs dry skin off your face. Use 2-3 times a week. Moisturize after

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