Hiputi Giftable World Star Pet 13cm Plush Pet Toy Smiling Star Squeaker Dog Chew Toy

Color: Green


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Frederick P.
My blind dog loves these!

I cannot even express how much my blind dog loves these. These get her so excited and she can follow the sound.

We've broken a couple because she's a GSD and she loves them! Fortunately, they are a cheap enough price that I don't mind buying replacements. Due to the fact that they are electronic, its not surprising that they will break under heavy use. But they are the price of a normal squeaky toy and my dog goes nuts for these so no regrets here

Keanu D.
I love it too...

We already have one of these star toyr and my Lab loves it. Having the Harley seal of approval was an important factor in deciding to buy 2 more dolls for my 2 rescue Greyhound granddogs.
Harley has already figured out that the shape of the doll is perfect for me throwing and him retrieving. He brings the frog inside because he likes to have it near.
I love the fact that one squeeze evokes 3 ribbits which keeps the intrigue going.
The Greyhounds have different responses to the toy. Dixon, the larger and older of the two just likes to carry his frog around while Lily, the younger and more lively (considerably less time on the track) plays with her frog.
Of all the Multipet dolls, this is my favorite.

Kyla J.
Durable to this point

We purchased this Stars along with the cow, and the duck all at once. We grew tired of spending money on cheaper ones at certain large stores that our dog had torn open within a few hours. Out of the three, this one has held up the best. Our small Shih-poo is rough on toys and tries her best to chew them apart and likes to play tug of war with them with me (not helpful on the durability part I know). She was successful tearing open the duck and has chewed the ears off the cow, but it wasn’t torn open. I think these are probably better for smaller dogs for durability, but I’ve seen some on reviews with larger dogs that didn’t have problems either.

Herbert M.
This toy is incredibly annoying. Every time the dog Why did I give ...

This toy is incredibly annoying. Why did I give it five stars if it's annoying? Because I keep ordering them and shipping them to my parents' dogs--and their dogs are obsessed with them. I'm sure my dad's face drops every time he sees the boxes addressed to the dogs. My dog loves it as well, we just try to give it to him when we're vacuuming or outside mowing the lawn so we don't have to hear it. The noise comes from what feels like a small plastic box on the inside. None of our dogs have broken the box or ripped it open, but if your dog is an aggressive chewer or likes to destroy its toys, this probably wouldn't be a wise choice. It's also fairly small, but my big dog likes it as much as my parents' ankle biters. It continued to make noise

Nariz S.
Fun & Durable Dog Toy! My little poodle loves it! ☺

I purchased this cat you and several others for my miniature poodle🐩, Champ, for Christmas. Champ loves his "talking star" the most. He plays with it daily. He even talks back to it sometimes by howling ☺ It is now August and this multiple got is still going strong. The one that Champ received is white so it's starting to look a bit dirty so it would have been nicer if it had been a darker color that doesn't show dirt so easily. I am going to wash Champ's talking Kitty after I order him another one just in case washing it tears up the voice box. This is Champs favorite toy! Champ is a small poodle and weighs 10 pounds. I highly recommend multiple talking toys! They are very durable and my little poodle 🐩 loves them! I will definitely be purchasing another kitty plus a few different ones for Champie for Christmas!

Patricia B.
It's a miracle! Seriously - a miracle!

We have several Multipet talking toys, the oldest of which is the plush talking duck, whose voice box just quit after quacking for over 5 years.

My dogs both fell in love with little cat and her soft meow. They tend to carry it around like a baby. I think it just may last longer than the duck which withstood a lot of rough playing fetch.

Jeanne K.
Small and not for chewers, but my dog LOVES this toy

I bought this because my femal Akita is obsessed with toys that make animal noises. I got it, and it is small, about the size of an Akita puppy, for example. As it happens, my female Akita is black and white. Like this toy.

She went nuts. Absolutely crazy for it, and she carried it around with her constantly, until we started calling it her baby. She prefered it to all her toys and to treats. Her favorite thing!

Robert B.
Adorable, sturdy toy

This is our 5th or 6th toy. We love the adorable designs but more importantly the durability of all of it. My dog loves this and we hide treats inside with the little bats stuffed in too to give her more of a challenge. We ordered the small one but it really isn't that small.

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