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Steffany N.
The only thing that has cleared up my dry skin

This product is truly amazing. It’s been the only thing that has cleared up my super dry skin and I have tried EVERYTHING. I wish I would have found it sooner. It worked immediately and just to note I also have sensitive skin and it has not been a problem. I literally tried every cream, honey, oil, etc. on the market and this has been it!

Jessica A.

I am SHOCKED, SHAKEN, and SHOOK. This stuff is amazing! Makes your skin so soft and seeing all the white stuff come off your face is such a fun bonus. I don’t know the wizardry behind this but I love it!

Bonna S.
Gentle Exfoliation, Excellent Results!!!

This is not a 'peel', as in, you leave it on your face and peel it off after a set time....this is a Gentle Exfoliation Gel that gives you Excellent Results!!! Leaves your face very clean and soft!! You can see and feel the results after each use!! I have used it three times in the past nine days and can definitely see my skin is brighter and healthier looking!! Thank you!!

Pamela M.
Great exfoliator!

So far I really like this product- easy to use and seems like it refreshes my skin and is steadily reducing some acne scarring. Your skin feels great after rinsing--- very nourished, not dry, and tight.

Lindsay W.
I like to use this about once every ten days

I like to use this about once every ten days. It's really effective in peeling off all the dead skin. Make sure you apply it to a clean and dry face.

Melody E.
Oh my gosh I love this

It was so gentle. Scent-free and yet it worked well. It really provided a good scrub and left my face feeling smoother and skin looking brighter. All without drying it out? It seems almost too good to be true …. I'm THRILLED!

Jane S.
great looking skin

This product is unlike anything I have used. It was unusual to get used to. It goes on like an exfoliant but you quickly can feel it taking off the dead skin. When done it rinses off fairly easily. After rinsing you’re face immediately looks...for lack of a better term, fresher. It’s brighter, smoother...it doesn’t look a bit oily or dry, even before adding a moisturizer. It’s a wonder wash.

Sabrina P.
Leaves skin clear and bright

I have tried a lot of different beauty products, all at different price points. This peeling gel/face scrub is similar to luxury products but at a much cheaper price. It works great at exfoliating and brightening my face without any irritation whatsoever. It has a pleasant scent and it feels like I am pampering myself. My skin looks clearer and brighter after using it.

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