DeepSpoon Stackable Stainless Steel Lunch Box, Japanese Bento Box Style, Portable & Leak-Proof

Color: Light Pink


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Jayson T.
Excellent quality

Its mouth is wide easy to access food and very much feasible to pour the food inside and take it out. Food is staying hot inside well. I want to use it to give my kids hot food at lunch time. Also thinking to store cooked meals for the babies.

Leah S.
This is a good buy!

It does not leak. I added really hot water, took temperature, and then let it sit for an hour, then again. I checked it a third time & it only went down a degree. I took it to work 4 days, 2 day stew, 1 day potato soup & one day chicken soup. Each day my food was a good temperature to eat. I fill it with boiling water let it set then add my hot food. This is done around 7 am & I normally eat lunch at 1 pm. The size is perfect; I can eat directly out of thermals.

James M.
Stays hot

My husband loved this container. I felt bad sending him cold lunches all the time so I bought this. I heat up pozole, albondigas, birria, foods that usually need to be heated in order to eat. I pack it at 5.20 am and by 12 PM (lunch time) it's still really hot. I even sent him mini burritos wrapped in foil and they were really warm by lunch time.

Julius W.
Works perfectly!

I bought for my daughter to be able to take warm items in her lunch. She loves it and tells me her spaghetti or whatever item is in it is always hot at lunch time! I would purchase it again if needed. She loves the color too.

Brian T.
So far, so good

I recently bought this for my 11 year old 6th grader, who has been on a soup kick. She has been taking disposable soups to school for lunch and I wanted something she could use that would be better for the environment. Since I never use/used thermos style food containers it was a tough choice. I picked this one, and we've been using it for about a month. Have followed the directions of heating up water and letting it sit for 15 mins inside, then she puts her heated up soup in. She says it stays warm and she has no complaints. It has not seemed to leak, and I've turned it upside down to see and it appears to keep liquids inside pretty well. She only had one accident but said she had not put the lid on very well. Even so, it only spilled a little inside her lunchbox and did not get all over her backpack, and that was always my real worry - that her papers or other things would get ruined from the soaked soup. So far, so good.

Katrina R.
Keep food temperature

I bought this product because I want my children to enjoy a warm meal for lunchtime. She said that the foods at lunchtime are still warm and she enjoys her thermos. A little expensive but it does the work

Kimberly H.
Keeps soup hot

I bought this container so I could take soup to work for lunch so that is the only thing I’ve tried in it, but for that purpose, it works great. I usually take my lunch break about 5 hours into my workday so the soup is usually in the container about 5.5 to 6 hours before I eat, and the soup is always still warm when I open the container. I have noticed the longer you prime it with hot water the warmer it stays, so definitely leave the hot water (I heat up boiling water in the tea kettle and use that) in there for at least the 10 minutes if not a bit longer.

Ryan A.
Keeps food warm all day!

This was awesome to pack in my daughter’s school lunch! Kept her food warm all day! We experimented with hot water when we first got it and it was still hot 7 hours later with only losing a few degrees difference. We haven’t tried putting anything cold in it yet but will update once we have.

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DeepSpoon Stackable Stainless Steel Lunch Box, Japanese Bento Box Style, Portable & Leak-Proof