DeepSpoon 3-Layer Stackable Stainless Steel Lunch Box, Japanese Bento Style, Portable and Leak-Proof

Color: Light Pink


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Toni B.
Great gift even for men

Made a great gift to my boyfriend who is working full time and just started college again. Used it his first day of classes and he loved it. Huge storage and has tiny compartments in the lid for dressings or even nuts.

Calix G.

I wanted a lunchbox for work that would be easily separated because I’m a calorie counter and I go through so many ziplock baggies a week. I decided a bento box would be the easiest transition for me and I found this! Ten bucks and great reviews-worth the risk!
Seriously though it’s well insulated, well made, cute as can be and functional. The storage is a lot more than expected and stays cold or hot for a long time. I highly recommend this and after showing it off, I have several friends and coworkers coming to buy one for themselves 😬

Princess Q.
Kids love it

I have two of these. One for each kid. It’s been 3 months using them and both kids say this is their favorite bento but they do struggle to open them sometimes and it kinda sucks they can’t go in the dishwasher. That said, they don’t leak so this is still our go-to, most-used bento used 5 days a week.

Durrel F.
Super cute and sturdy!

Love it! I’m so happy I don’t have to drag around a bunch of Tupperware anymore. It’s super cute and sturdy. I can pack healthy food for the entire day. It’s a little challenging to fit the pieces together perfectly the first time, otherwise, it’s great. I bought one for myself and a gift for someone else. I’m now going to buy one for my 7 year old daughter.

Sede T.
Great lunch box to keep the baby food warm!

Lunch box for my son! It is great to bring baby food outside and still warm to feed him! I put super-hot food in the lunch box and we were out the whole day, lunch and dinner were still nicely warm temperatures! We will carry it wherever we go from now!

Diane W.
Good product, wish it was dishwasher safe though

I love this bento! I use it every day, and it stores the food at the perfect temperature. I just wish I could put it in the dishwasher because it gets annoying to have to hand washed it every day.

Marian D.
Packing lunch is fun

Love it. Makes packing lunch fun!
The only thing sometimes I have a hard time detach layers. But will buy it again

Gabby B.
Perfect for Teens!

We have gone through a lot of bentos because we love them! I chose this one for my 12 year old daughter because of its shape and how it fits so perfectly in her locker and also it is more grown up than her others. It seals. It hasn’t leaked. I have packed soup! I also love that I don’t have to use all of the containers. Love it!

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DeepSpoon 3-Layer Stackable Stainless Steel Lunch Box, Japanese Bento Style, Portable and Leak-Proof