DeepSpoon 2-Layer Stackable Stainless Steel Lunch Box, Japanese Bento Style, Portable and Leak-Proof

Color: Light Pink


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Erick S.
Amazing lunch box!

This is such a wonderfully thermal lunch box! I always like to eat warm meals, but generally don't have microwave oven service around during lunchtime, now this thermos solves the problem. It keeps my hot food very warm even after five hours! Really came in high quality. Plus, the design is very cute, with great structure and a beautiful color.

Melissa R.
So glad I bought this.

Been looking for a thermos bento box for me for a while now and so glad I found this. Price is reasonable and it actually keeps the food warm for a while. Love the many layers/compartments it has so I can pack more food choices/selections or rice and side dishes altogether. Love it!!

Colbert S.
Nice lunch box with good price.

I bought this lunch box to replace two individual thermal cups for bringing lunch for my LO. He hates to mix his food together, which means I need to bring several boxes every time we go out. This lunch box works great for our situation and makes our bag neater and less messy. I have used it for a while, and it works well. It will keep the food warm at least 5 hours, and normally I cook in the morning, and the food is still warm at noon. I like the design that I can use one or two layers of it as I need. And this price is really valuable compared with other products I have searched for.

Barbara J.

I mostly purchased this product for its leakproof containing. It definitely kept my food at good room temperature throughout the day, there is no weird solid fat like when I put my food in a plastic container. It’s extremely leakproof and as I take caution in closing it properly, it would frequently lie sideways in my car without sauce or soup leaking the whole day. The compartments are adjustable and it fits neatly.

Avery C.
Uncomplicating my lunch

Recently started meal kit delivery service so my lunches have become a bit more complicated to assemble (i.e. sauces, hot and cold components). This is great for keeping everything separated until ready to consume. So far I've only had cold ingredients. Deducting one star simply because screwing the different levels on and off can be a bit tricky, but not impossible to do.

Chenny P.
Works great

I love the stackable design and it works great when I bring my kids to the park. It keeps the foods and soup real hot for about 4-5 hours. We can enjoy a bowl of hot soup at parks in winter now! Highly recommended!

Aurora S.
I love the convenience of this

I love the convenience of this, but sometimes they can be a little difficult to unscrew. Also, liquids (such as salad dressing) sometimes spill out so when possible, I put them in a Ziploc bag before sealing them in the container to help with this.

Arrah G.
Huge. Fits a lot.

I love this. It works well. I wish it maintained heat a bit longer, however that might have been an error on my part, possibly didn’t heat the stuff enough prior to packing. This thing is huge and holds a lot of stuff in it.

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DeepSpoon 2-Layer Stackable Stainless Steel Lunch Box, Japanese Bento Style, Portable and Leak-Proof