Scaled Digital Kitchen Food Scale 5kg/11lb. Stainless Steel with LCD Display



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Marian D.
This is perfect!

Small, lightweight, stores on its side right behind my bread box. This scale is perfect.

Note that it’s quite small. If you like to weigh ingredients in a large mixing bowl, you won’t like this because you won’t be able to read it with the bowl on the scale.

Cory D.
Great for the price

This scale seems to be very accurate. I use it not only in the kitchen but also as a postal scale when I’m mailing packages. Never faulty weights or problems with operation. This scale is so easy to use you won't regret it.

James M.
Working as designed. Great for counting macros and micros.

My fiancé wanted a scale measure baking goods and accessories. It is straight forward and works well.

I am using it to weigh protein and meal pack. Good for macro measurement as it is precise.

A must have for light weight measurement in the kitchen!

Jolie L.
Great food Scale

The food scale was awesome! I always have trouble measuring ingredients for baking and cooking. Is easy to handle and clean. Is small in size easy to store. I would recommend to anyone who like to bake, but is not fit for measuring large portions.

Barbara J.
Weighs my items perfectly for shipping!

I recently opened up a store online using Mercari and I've been shipping all my packages and printing postage from home. I bought this scale so I could weigh my items and print the proper postage. It can measure items that weigh 0.04oz/1g -- 11 lb./5 kg and operates on batteries. Easy to use, takes up minimal space and works great.

Melissa R.
Multiple Uses

This scale is perfect for baking and other recipes as well as weighing mail for postage. As a baker, I am learning that the weight is really important for certain recipes. Even though some recipes give you volume measurements, that is not usually sufficient. This on the other hand is very precise and is how I can now make sure to get the ingredients right. For postage, I hated guessing how much a package would cost and with this combined with the post office site, I am no longer over paying for my postage. I am grateful!

Avery C.
Using for small package mailing.

So far this scale has been great. It's small, so a real space saver in our small workspace, and I love that it has a USB charging wire. I use solar power banks for recharging our small electronics, and they always have USB outputs, so for us this is perfect.
I ship small collectibles (small padded envelopes, small boxes) - this is perfect when I'm preparing something to ship through the mail and need a precise weight for accurate postage. Saves a lot of the trouble and expense of purchasing a whole postage system.

The surface is easy to keep clean by just wiping down, and so far this can run for long periods of time. Very happy.

Chenny P.
Easy to use and accurate.

I needed the scale to accurately weigh my jewelry for mailing. It is perfect for the very light creations.

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Scaled Digital Kitchen Food Scale 5kg/11lb. Stainless Steel with LCD Display