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Ashton B.
Definitely a Best Buy item..

This is my second of these scales I've purchased, the first one survived several years of daily use and still looked good and worked great until it was knocked to the floor for about the tenth time. I was pleasantly surprised to find the identical model was still being sold and given the price, reordering was a no brainer.
The replacement unit appears to be identical to the original scale, but it is not as sensitive to minor weight changes and it takes longer for the display to reflect those weight changes. (I'm being picky here. I could add 3 or 4 peas to a salad and change the display almost instantly on the old unit. The new unit takes a little longer and 4 or 5 peas before anything changes)

Sabrina P.
Completely accurate after years of daily use

I've been using this for more than six years now. I use it every day, multiple times. It is incredibly useful. You can use much fewer dishes with an accurate scale, and save time as well as getting more accurate measurements.

When I bought this scale, I also bought a set of little weights -- from 1g all the way up to 500g -- in order to figure out whether the scale is accurate. It was. Well, yesterday I took those weights back out and tested the scale again. I thought there was no way it would still be accurate after six years of daily use. Well, it was -- completely accurate. If I put 1g on the scale, the readout says 1g. If I put 393g on the scale, the readout says 393g. Pretty impressive. That's when I decided I better come back and write a review.

Michael F.
Great Deal

Accurate, sensitive, lightweight, and inexpensive. Converts units of measurement and tare. What else could you ask for? A great buy.

Adrian D.
This scale is weighed to be one of the best!

At first I was hesitant to purchase this scale thinking that at this price it is most likely a piece of junk. However, I have used it extensively and find it to be accurate, easy to use. I probably don't use it for the same purpose that you might. I perform rectal exams on my sheep, goats and LGDs to see if they have parasites. In order to prepare the slide for viewing I need a standardized sample necessitating a weighed sample of feces, ergo the scale. It works great and I don't get sheep s**t all over the scale controls. YaHooo!!!

Jane S.
Weighs quickly

Bought this to replace a scale that seemed to have issues weighing smaller quantities accurately. This scale locks in on the weight immediately and does not fluctuate. Lightweight and small, but I think this will be a beast in my kitchen.

Some reviewers complained about the fact that turning off the unit requires you to hold down the button for a few seconds. So what? I think I spent more time trying (and failing) to turn off my old unit which did not turn off until you removed your finger from the pad (so you didn't know if you succeeded or failed until then).

Melody E.
This is a really accurate scale

I've been owning several kitchen scales over the last 4 years and this one is by far the best of all. If you weight something 10 times, then it will show you 10 times the same weight. I was really surprised by the accuracy of this scale.
I've been using this scale for almost one year each day as I have to weigh the food for my cat every morning.
Don't hesitate to buy this one if you want good quality. It might be a little bit more expensive than other scales but it is worth every penny.

Damiel S.
Good scale for measuring portion size.

Is it the most accurate? I don't know but it seems to be fairly close. I tested this scale with various calibrated weights from 500g to 5kg. At the higher weights it was only 3g off (my 1kg measured 999g and my 5kg measured 4997g). I'm watching my weight so I use this scale to measure out portions. I am very satisfied with this scale. Would I use it in the lab? No. But I do use it in my kitchen!

Lester H.
My 2nd favorite baking (and mailing!) tool

Got this for making bread. After my dough scraper, this is the tool I love the best. The easy tare button means no more measuring cups of flour or water. I do all my measuring by weight, which is much more accurate for flour. Just set bowl on the scale. Hit tare. Add water. Hit tare again. Dump in flour until you get the right weight. Hit tare. You can even measure salt by the gram. You can see it tick upwards as you shake it in. It's amazingly accurate. I've baked over 100 loaves using this, and all were a success. And my wife loves it as a mail scale for her craft business. It's small and fits in a drawer, too.

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Scaled 5Kg/1g LCD Digital Display Kitchen Scale Electronic Weight Balance Food Diet Scale