Caria Whitening Face Cream for Dark Spots, Freckles and Skin Discoloration



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Chenny P.
Really firms the skin and fades age spots

I'm not one for spending lots of money on cosmetics and such so I was very hesitant about buying this cream. But I'd recently lost a lot of weight, and the skin around my neck was decidedly saggy. Add to that sunspot caused by outdoor exposure, and I sprang for it.
I'm impressed. A little goes a long way so this should last me for quite a while. It has no scent at all. It's not sticky but I can feel the plumpness and moisture in my skin. My neck skin seems too much firmer. One application in the morning lasts me the entire day.
But I was really excited when I noticed that a nasty age spot on my décolletage seems to have begun fading. If this can get rid of that ugly brown spot, I'm going to be so happy!

Aurora S.
A Natural Product that Brightens

I have been using Caria Whitening Cream for over a week already and I am seeing some results. I like that this is a natural product. In the morning, I apply this then head out for my morning walk. Within five minutes, I have sweat pouring down my face so I am not so sure I am getting the best results from this product in the morning whereas at bedtime I have no issues. I have noticed my skin tone even out more and the slightly red areas have been lessened. I use a small amount that goes a long way.

Kimberly H.
Not just a cream, this works

When I first started using this cream my skin got a little pink, not red, just pink. So I knew this was real and not just some cream with false accusations. I'm only a little over a week into using this but was excited about it so wanted to let others know how great it is. First of all, brown spots did not show up overnight and won’t go away that fast either. But in the short time I've been using this, I noticed mine getting a bit lighter already. This is not oily and I wear it under my makeup and I can’t tell. I have nothing but good to say about this product. Oh, and when I wear this at night, my skin absorbs this very well, so no mess on my pillow. This is completely worth a try!
I've tried many other products and this one so far is the best. Others just seemed like a lotion and did nothing.

Lady L.
Makes my skin feel so great!

I bought this face cream because I was trying to get myself into a skin care regime, and this did the trick! Leaves my skin feeling (and looking) amazing. And I love the fact that you don't have to use a ton at once, a little bit actually goes a long way!

Avery C.
Reduces dark spots on face

I have started using this product for more than 2 weeks and it’s been great so far it reduces dark spots on my face especially near my eyes I have a small dark spot/patch and I could clearly see the difference now from before. I’m using both in night and day time. Would definitely buy it again.

Arrah G.
Use Sunscreen! The spots will only come back if you don’t!

I needed a product that would lighten Dark spots from the sun. I have been using this for about 10 days now and am beginning to see brighter skin. A few of the larger spots have begun to fade. I am pleased.

Leah S.
It works!!

I am using this serum for the sunspots and freckles on my arms and hands. I'm pleased to tell you that it is working! No itching or irritation (I have sensitive skin, too). It smells so good and absorbs so well. I'm so happy with the results on my arms, I'm going to try it on my face next to see if it will even out the skin on my face too.
I have recommended it to my friends too.

Katrina R.

I had a couple of sun freckles and a blotchy faint pigmented area on my face from the sun. I hadn't tried other products but decided to try this.

So the 4-stars is because it is a little irritating to my skin. I only use it at night because it sometimes makes my skin look red.

Well even though I used it half as much as the directions say, I definitely see a difference! In maybe 2 weeks the blotchy pigment area was definitely better, hardly visible. The freckles were a little lighter.

I recommend this product unless you have very sensitive skin!

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