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Jessa B.
Highly recommend.

This has always worked well for me. I am allergic to the sun and break out if I’m outside for more than 30 minutes. This is the only sunscreen that I can find that has 100% protection. Highly recommend.

Roselyn R.
It doesn’t have that super greasy feeling that most sunscreen has

I wear this sunscreen on my face and shoulders when I go running in the sun or will be out in the sun for a while. It doesn’t have that super greasy feeling that most sunscreen has. And I also believe its protection is superior. You don’t need to keep reapplying like with other sunscreens, a little goes a long way.

Jeanne K.
I love this sunscreen so much!

I love this sunscreen so much! It has awesome sun protection, I love that it is 90+ SPF! And it is great for my oily skin! Every time I finish it, I buy another one here! It is my go-to sunscreen, I use it daily! I totally recommend it! :)

Kyla J.
Great Sun Protection - Dries skin and hard to remove

I have small scars on my exposed body. This SPF 90 is for my face and neck. I feel it blocked the sun great, but it took some time to remove in the shower and seemed to dry out my skin a little.

Krista M.
Best sunscreen!

I usually use this after a chemical peel it protects my face against harmful UV lights that would normally burn my face. The product dries fast with no sticky feeling afterward. Nice If you would like to apply as a base to makeup.

Ivory C.
Great sun protection, not greasy

I have scars on my face & neck. My doctor told me to always wear a hat when I'm outdoors, but I don't like hats. When I heard this sunscreen with 90 spf, I decided to try it. I spent more than 4 hours outdoors in the bright Colorado sun and got absolutely no sunburn. Normally that amount of sun would toast me. This stuff is GREAT! Not at all greasy and has a light, pleasant scent.

Ivy G.

I had Mohs surgery on my left cheek. When the bandage came off I had a 4-inch scar from cheekbone to jaw. I was so upset... my dermatologist suggested this and immediately I mean immediately within one week you could see a true change with the look of the scar. I realize it takes time for the skin to settle down but I am a hairdresser so I am familiar with skin tissue I'm telling everyone who will be faced with Mohs surgery this product is AMAZING!! Simply amazing just have faith.

April W.
Best sunscreen EVER!

This is the best and most effective sunscreen I have ever used! I take medication that makes me very sensitive to the sun (photosensitivity) and I have small scars on my face, the last couple of years I have just suffered after 30 minutes in the sun. I have tried everything then decided to try this after seeing all the great reviews. I put it on 30 minutes prior to going outside and I have literally spent hours in my pool almost every day with no problems! And I never have to reapply even after sweating and swimming. I highly recommend this product!

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